Desert Dream

Desert Dream

A Poem by John Halsted

Desert Dreamscape



Desert Dream
Walking thru’ the desert
            The landscape is a blot
Vivid pinks, browns and reds
            Man this place is hot
The bones of past animals
            Lie bleached on the ground
My daughter runs up to me
            And says Daddy look what I’ve found
It’s nothing but a rock my dear
            A lump of solid earth
With tears in her eyes she runs away
            A million is what its worth
A man appeared before me
            An axe stuck in his head
I say “Whats up son?
            Shouldn’t you be dead?”
He shimmers away before my eyes
            Leaving me to wonder
Am I dreaming or awake
            What is this cloud I’m under?
The sun begins to slowly fall
            Gradually turning from yellow to red
A great big round orange ball
            And under a cactus I see my bed
I wonder whose dream I am in
            Silver clouds turn slowly green
The sweat pours from my shiny skin
            Clouds morphing into shapes never before seen
A chimney pours out black empty smoke
            As I wander thru’ this farscape
Is this real or is this a joke
            Will I, wont I ever escape
But wait the end is nigh
            I am but a cloud in the sky

© 2008 John Halsted

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Added on March 21, 2008


John Halsted
John Halsted

London, United Kingdom

I am South African born and educated at Westville Boys High and Bath University, Somerset, UK. On my Father's side of the family my Grandfather was Australian and my Grandmother English. On my Mother'.. more..

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