A Story by Jonas Hughes

A promotion achieved through hard work and sacrifice


The day I had been waiting six months for, was finally here.  I had set the alarm clock an hour early, my stomach was doing flip flops as I stared in the mirror, carefully clipping each hair one by one, until my goatee was perfectly groomed. The hot water poured from the faucet, the noise drowning any rambling thought; keep focused, repeating over and over like a scratched CD.  The steam filled the bathroom like an early morning fog coming over a fishing harbor.  I placed my hands on the sink; leaned forward to stare myself in the eyes. The blood rushed to my face, as my fingers tightened on the sink basin. My nerves burst from my mouth in the form of vomit, I watched it circle the drain until it disappeared, along with the last semblance of anxiety. 

The steam was growing like a swarm of locust buzzing through the air towards their next crop. I lost my reflection in the mirror, the water beads covering what was left of my reflection. I sprung up the sink when  I felt her hand slowly moving up the small of my back.  A warm shiver rose up my spine, and I could feel excitement growing in my body. The warmth of  her bare breast pressed up against me, spread through my body like a wild fire as she held her body against me.  She began to pull her lips lightly across the nape of my neck making each tiny hair stand on end.


                                    “Baby, you know I can’t, not today” I whispered


                                    “I know, but you looked so sexy standing there in the mirror” she cooed


                                    “I was just thinking about….today” I said 


                                    “I know, sweetie you’ll be okay, don’t worry” she assured


                                    “I won’t let you down baby…I promise.” 


I turned her to face me as I took her warm body in my arms. The sheen of sweat on her flesh sticking to my body like a post it note reminding me how much I loved her.  I pressed my lips against hers as our spirits melded into one, and her energy became mine.  Her legs wrapped around my waist, and I lost myself inside of her.  I could feel her juices running down my legs as I pushed in and out of her.  She pressed herself against me, and I could feel myself let go.  We collapsed in each other’s arms, and I carried her from the bathroom back to bed.  I slid her underneath the comforter, and kissed her on the forehead as she drifted back to sleep.

I called in to check with my shift manager to make sure that everything went okay on the midnight to six a.m. shift.  I had promoted him recently, and he had done a great job of making sure everything was always moving smoothly, and everything was always done correctly.  The boss had been trusting me with more and more responsibility, and today was my first review as general manager.  I had gone out of my way to make sure I promoted my peers, and constantly trained the new hires.  I made sure everything was constantly stocked, so business never missed a beat.

The buzzing from my phone sent dancing across the nightstand.  I snatched it up before it could wake her.  I didn’t like her to be around when I’m talking to the boss.  It was a side of me I didn’t want her to know. I had to be a certain way, and she wouldn’t understand why I just couldn’t be myself.  She would never understand this business from the inside like I do so some sacrifices had to be made.  I took the phone call in the front room, and listened to the boss rattle off instructions.  I listened as always, but this time he ended the call with a surprise, a promotion.  I leapt into the air like I had just bought a Toyota, and I came down like a ballet dancer. I was careful not to wake her as I got dressed for work.  I hated the uniform, but it was a part of the job.  One day, I was going to be calling the shots, and making the rules. It takes time, and I was willing to play the game unlike some of the others who were stuck at entry level positions. 

In order to receive the promotion I had to give my peer some bad news. It was the same old story, out with the old, and in with the new.  I had to fire the man, who’s position I was to fill.  No problem, after all it was me who let management know what kind of lackluster job he had been doing. Sales were down in every department, and it was my plan that helped make up the profit margins for the quarter. Apparently, the boys upstairs noticed a rising talent, and now I’m being rewarded. 

As I slipped quietly out of the apartment, I paused to run back into the bedroom to give my baby one last kiss before I left for work.  I sauntered down the stairs to the parking garage, and looked around as I made my way towards the old school caprice classic. I kept a low profile myself, but I bought my baby a 750sl Benz. This quarter had been extremely profitable for everyone, and the bonuses were more than enough for me to splurge on something nice for her, and besides that I paid the final note on our condo. I tried once to explain equity to some of my colleagues, but was met with blank stares. So I decided never again to show my true personality, and only keep my work persona on during business hours.  I  popped the trunk to make sure my brief case was there because it had what I needed to show my former immeadiate boss his reason’s for departure.

I slid into the driver seat, and I headed for the office.  I tapped on the steering wheel, jamming to the song playing on repeat in my head. “I don’t deny it; I’m a straight ridah; You don’t want to f**k with me”.  I straightened the mirror, and  I caught a glimpse of myself or at least my eyes. My stare could bore through a ten foot thick safe door, and still be sharp when it came through on the other side.  I prepared myself for my talk, and my knuckles had drained of color as I gripped the steering wheel.  My stomach was doing more flips than a gymnast going for the gold at the Olympics.  I slammed on the brakes, and hooked a hard left into the parking lot.  I’d almost driven past the office, but I snapped to it at the last second.

I leapt from the car, and circled back to the trunk in one fluid motion.  I grabbed it, and headed inside. I nodded at the doorman on the way in, but just before I entered I asked if my colleague had made it in.  He signaled the affirmative, and I tipped him to hold the door for a while until I finished my discussion with him.  I did a walk through as I made my way to the back office. Immediately, I noticed the front had not been re-supplied, and the first shift was due any second. The phone flew to my hand like a light saber to a jedi’s hand and dialed the number for re-supply. I confirmed the order, and they promised delivery in under thirty minutes. I hadn’t had any problems with them since they streamlined the process last quarter. I made a mental note to send them the thank you girl for a job well done.  As I got closer to the back I office I sent the cooks to the front to take a break, and get the wrap room ready.

I entered the room, and he was on the phone with his wife.  I could hear here screaming from across the room. Apparently she had found some phone number belonging to his mistress, and was extremely unhappy about it.  He was always letting his personal life effect business, and that was his biggest problem. Hell, my wife didn’t even know the work me, and I intended to keep it that way forever.  He signaled for me to sit, and through my daily to do list across the desk for me to review.  Normally, that is what I would do, but today I had received the promotion call.  I put my briefcase on his desk, and opened it.  I pulled out the reason’s he was leaving today, and inserted them into the base.  I pulled action to load one into the chamber, and prepare it for use.  His face went pale, and the receiver dropped from his ear.  He leapt from behind the desk towards me, but I let loose five reasons that stopped his argument mid-thought.  He fell to the ground like a sack of rocks. 

I stood over him, and looked down into his eyes as the life poured from them like water from a faucet.  I put two more reasons into his face as was company policy.  Open casket funerals were not allowed for those who stole from the company.  I yelled for the cooks to come take the body to the wrap room for disposal.  I walked behind the desk, and picked the receiver up from the floor. I hung it up, and listened for a new dial tone. I dialed my home, and waited for my wife to answer.  She finally picked up on the third ring, and I told her I’d made it safely to work.  She asked if I was going to be home in time for dinner, and I told her I had a lot of work to do at the office.  I told her I loved her, and hung up the phone. I rattled my knuckles on the desk, and blew a breath of exasperation.  The crack business was not an easy business, the competition these days was out of control.  He now had three houses under his management, and his company had targeted three more before the end of he quarter.  He leaned back in the chair, and kicked his leg up on the desk.  He pulled a cigar from inside the desk, and lit it. He took a couple of drags, and blew smoke rings in the air with a smile on his face. He thought to himself, “Next time this year, I’ll be in management for sure”.


© 2013 Jonas Hughes

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Jonas Hughes
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Added on March 11, 2008
Last Updated on December 28, 2013
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