Chapter One (new version)

Chapter One (new version)

A Chapter by Jon Settle

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Chapter One

            It was 5:30 in the morning when the first signs of dawn crept across the sky. I’d been awake all night so far; I was in the waiting room of the local hospital.

My grandmother is fifty-five and has been constantly ill after having a massive heart attack five years ago. It’s the beginning of the autumn season and she has already fallen ill with double pneumonia. Her doctor says she may not survive this time.

I try not to think about losing her; the thought of it is almost unbearable. She’s all I’ve ever had, my whole life actually. I don’t know either of my parents, and my grandfather died when I was a baby. All we have is each other now.

“Lucas,” said a nurse, snapping me out of my thoughts, “you may go visit Miranda now if you wish.” Standing up, I thanked the nurse for letting me know.

I let out a yawn and stretched my tired muscles. A knot slowly formed in my stomach as I approached her room.

There were all kinds of machines hooked up to her. Tears swelled in my eyes as I sat beside her. I knew she wasn’t going to leave here, not this time.

Although I knew she was miserable, she appeared to be at peace. Her breathing was light and gentle.

“You can wake her now if you’d like,” the doctor said as he walked out of the room.

As much as I wanted to allow her to sleep, I decided that I’d rather wake her before she falls into an eternal slumber. I rose from my chair, took her hand in mine, and my vision began to blur.

I was used to this sort of occurrence. For as long as I can remember, whenever I touch someone, I can occasionally see their memories. I didn’t much like the idea, so I taught myself to vacate these visions.

I decided to glance around instead of leaving the vision right away, and I found I was in my front yard. The memory must be from the middle of fall because the leaves on the trees were a bright, almost red-ish orange color, like fire. The air was cool and clean like that of a fresh April shower.

Everything fell silent but the sound of a soft footstep eluded the silence. Turning, I found a woman walking toward my house. Her hair, though unmistakably blonde, glowed lightly like the leaves on the trees. She was also carrying a baby wrapped in sky blue blanket.

I know I’ve never met this woman before now, but I had this bizarre feeling; I felt as if I’ve known her my entire life.

“You do know me,” I heard her say.

I must’ve been lost in thought because I hadn’t even noticed she had stopped walking, let alone stopped right beside me.

“Your grandmother didn’t tell you anything did she?” she asked. I guess my puzzled look explain it all because she replied with, “What do you know, the woman can actually do as she’s told every once in a while.”

She glanced at a watch she had on her wrist and told me to wait a moment; she had something important to do. My grandmother answered the door in response to her knocking. My grandmother’s expression grew more serious and agitated as the conversation continued.

Eventually, my grandmother took the baby from the woman’s arms. She kissed the baby one last time before my grandmother went back inside the house.

“Why did you give my grandmother that baby?” I asked once the door had completely shut.

“First of all Lucas, there’s one thing you need to know. Whatever you do, don’t ever forget what you must remember, but you must never remember what you must never forget.”

“What is that supposed to mean? And who are you? How do you know my name?”

Everything again fell silent when she spoke. “Lucas, that baby just now, that was you. I know you’re having a vision right now, and you’re also wondering how it’s possible that I can see and speak to you.”

I began to speak, but she cut me off. “You and I both know we’ve never met, and yet you feel as if you’ve known me your entire life,” she said. “Well, the truth is, I’m your mother.”

I was beyond shocked. This woman standing in front of me was my mother. How could I have possibly sensed such a thing? I didn’t think my powers had the capability of such things.

 “You don’t have much time left in this vision so please listen to me,” she said beginning to sound desperate. “There are greater forces far beyond your control, I’m sure you know that,” she began, “but even this is out of my control.”

Glancing at her watch she said, “I’m so sorry, there isn’t enough time,” her voice brimming with even more despair. “I want you to look at my ring,” she said holding up her hand. It was silver band with a rather small emerald. Neither was exactly clean, actually they looked much older than they should have.

“Right now this ring has no meaning to you, but there will come a day when this ring’s twin will be the most important possession of yours,” she said glancing at her watch. “Our time is over, stay strong…” the vision ended and cut her off midsentence.

I was back in the hospital room again holding my grandmother’s hand. I was breathing kind of heavy after the vision, and I suppose that woke her.

She looked at me holding her hand, and her once peaceful expression faded into a face of disgust and hate. It almost felt like she didn’t want me there.

“Grandma?” I gingerly said.

“Don’t call me that, don’t ever call me that again!” she started screaming. “You were inside my head just then, weren’t you?” her eyes widening at the realization. “You’re an abomination!” she shrilled, “a child that should never be, born in the Dark from a creation of the Light.”

She continued but I spaced out. I didn’t know what was happening, or what brought about this sudden change. I decided to run, to run to my special place. A place where I always felt wanted, a place that I felt I could call home, a place that always called to me. The woods. 

© 2013 Jon Settle

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Jon Settle
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