Pictured Writing

Pictured Writing

A Story by Jon Settle

This was an assignment to write about a picture pulled out of a random pile of picture brought in by the class.


     “There’s no time left! We must come up with a solution NOW!” said Whitewhisker, the leader of the clan.

     “Whitewhisker, there is only one solution, but you will not accept it,” Mistyfoot addressed the counsel leader.

     “Mistyfoot is right. We’ve been trying to tell you for the past four moons that this is the only solution,” said Silverstream.

     “Very well then, since you’re so adamant about this, tell me one cat that would be willing to make such a journey,” Whitewhisker replied with his usual harsh tone.

     “I’ll go,” said a cat, smaller than the rest, stepping forward.

It was the day before that Yellowfang had decided she would be the one to go on the journey to The Great Mountain. It wasn’t because she wanted to but rather because she had to, there was no other choice. She had received a vision that came from The Fallen, and if they said it had to be her then it had to be her.

     “Very well then Yellowfang, you’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning,” said Whitewhisker before letting out a screeching wail to signal the end of the meeting.

     The morning came quickly after the meeting, and before departing for The Great Mountain, Yellowfang went to the freshkill pile. She grabbed a ferret to eat before leaving; she needed the energy it would give her.

     The rest of the cats had gathered at the exit to their little alcove of protection. As Yellowfang departed each cat licked her shoulders wishing her safe travels.

     She climbed atop a tree to take one last look at the place she’d always called home. She wouldn’t be returning here again. Her clan was suffering from their wrong doings, and it was her job to make peace.

     She looked out to the horizon at the mountain and watched the grass sway in the wind before leaping from the tree. She ventured past many rabbits holes and though their scents were incredible strong she resisted every urge to hunt. Her sole duty now was to reach The Great Mountain.

     Silence had fallen. The wind stood still and not even the scurrying of a mouse could be heard. She knew what this meant, and she knew she couldn’t change what had to be.

     She reached the base of the mountain side and began to climb the trail leading to the top. The rocks here were jagged and hurt her pads so badly she had to pause a few to times to lick her pads and could taste the blood the rocks were drawing out of her.

     The Great Mountain was now just steps away. Taking a deep breath she gingerly took those last steps. Once she passed between the archway of rocks the wind blew again. Everything had come back to life.

     “Yellowfang, you’ve finally come,” said a cat with fur of a deep cinder color.

     “Cinderpelt…” Yellowfang muttered. This was who had been sent to her… her mother. Yellowfang had only the vaguest memory of her, from when she was just a kit. And everything after that… well there’s no memory.

     “It’s been so long since I last seen you,” she told Yellowfang. “But I’ve watched you, been with you, guided you the best I could.”

     “You left us,” she snarled, “Darkstar and me, you abandoned us when we were kits.”

     “Because I had to make the same journey you just did,” she calmly replied. “Every eight moons the same problem arises. The Great Clan must follow the rules established at the formation of the Clans and send hardships.” She said. “The only way to end the hardships is for the descendant of the first cat accepted to The Great Clan to also be accepted.”

     “I had to leave you because, I was the next descendant in line,” she said. “Regretfully that made you next in line as well, but by stepping through the archway you’re only halfway there. You still have a long journey ahead of you.” 

© 2013 Jon Settle

Author's Note

Jon Settle
As I always say, any and all feedback is welcomed.

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Well I think you did a great job to be honest, well done but not overbearing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Jon Settle

7 Years Ago

Thank you, that means a lot... Especially since I spent like 10 minutes on this piece.

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A Story by Jon Settle