Seeking Strength Part 3: Reaching the Cave of Alignment

Seeking Strength Part 3: Reaching the Cave of Alignment

A Story by Ramza

Gale reaches the entrance to the Cave of Alignment *side note* This part isn't really that long I just changed the font to comic because I like it.




            I nodded in comprehension. I couldn’t help but notice that aside from the clothes on our back we hadn’t brought along anything, so that most likely meant that we would not be sleeping amongst the stars this night. I made sure to absorb the trails we were taking in case we would unfortunately get lost. Broken branches, odd shaped boulders, rabbit hutches, and any other sort of unique characteristics allowed for me to imprint the surroundings to my mind. Of the few things I had been skilled at this was one of them, well it had to be or else the past two years I’d spent looking for a teacher I would have simply scoured the same area over and over again.

            We soon approached a large grassy knoll from which sprouted a dozen or so Llenado flowers. Llenado flowers came in a rainbow of colors but were always around two inches tall, with twenty edible petals, and accompanied by a ripe stench of vomit. “We’ll take a break to rest our feet for a few minutes,” he must have caught me hungrily gazing at the Llenado flowers because he’d insisted I eat one.

            “You’ll need some energy for what your exercise will be, so I suppose I should have let you eat something prior to coming out this far. However, a Llenado flower or two may tide you over until your next meal.”

            I clamped my nostrils shut as I ripped off half the azure petals with my teeth. One wouldn’t know unless from experience that a Llenado flower actually tastes like a plump watermelon, cool, juicy, and filling. In fact, consuming one complete Llenado flower usually satisfied hunger for about two hours for the average person. It was a little wet from the storm that occurred the day before but it was still a decent meal nonetheless. I ate the remaining petals of the flower, swallowed, and then asked “So can you tell me what exactly I’ll be doing today?”

            He sat cross legged, his eyes drifted from blue, blue sky to the Llenado flowers, and then to meet my inquisitive gaze. “We’ve almost arrived so I suppose I can tell you what awaits you on the other side of this hill,” he cleared his throat before continuing, “On the other side of this hill lies a cave---

            “A cave?” I blurted out.

            “Yes, and you’d be wise not to interrupt me because it is quite rare that I will ever repeat something I say. No need to apologize, simply tuck that piece of information away in your juvenile mind.

            As I was saying, on the other side of this hill is an enormous cave. There is one entrance into this cave, however countless exits. Your eyes seem to inquire ‘What is so amazing about a cave?’ Well, this is no ordinary cave; it will help me assess something about your current power. The Cave of Alignment as it is formally called, despite the numerous exits that exist, will only reveal unto a person one of these exits. The time it requires you to reach your exit will also tell me something about your alignment. Now, what questions are floating around in that empty skull of yours?”

            “What exactly do you mean by ‘alignment’? What is it that is ‘aligned’?”

            “How foolish of me to forget such a significant detail. This trial will inform me of what element your soul is best acquainted with. Aside from the four traditional elements of fire, earth, wind, and water, there are two major elements, light and dark. You, like most, shall be aligned with either dark or light, and then a traditional element. Knowing the alignment of a warrior is one of the most valuable pieces of information any one person can posses. Well, we don’t have any more time to chatter, our break has ended,” he arose from his cross legged sit and strolled up the hill.

            I fell behind a bit, mostly because I spent some time stuffing Llenados into the pockets of my tattered brown pants. But I caught up, and the walk up the hill was far from exhausting; I surely could have made it up without a rest in between. I theorized at that moment we’d taken that break to allow the deteriorating Blade Guru some rest for his aged bones but, I would sadly learn it was for my own sake.

            We soon arrived at the cave’s entrance. “I hope you’ve memorized the lay of the land because I will be headed back to my hut now, join me there after you’ve finished up” Stuhl advised.

            He’d taken a few steps in the direction of his home before he stopped and said “Oh, I almost forgot, there should be something distinctive about the exit you come out of. You won’t need to look for it, it should simply grab your attention, be wise to remember it and report it back to me.”

            He continued his walk back to his cozy hut as I stared at what seemed to be a dome shaped pile of dung. The arc shaped entrance was about six feet high, but from where I stood I could see that the ceiling of the cave went up a good few hundred feet and was just as wide. I shrugged my shoulders and entered into the Cave of Alignment.


© 2009 Ramza

Author's Note

Review anything that needs fixing.

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I have to say your creativity is quite vivid. I enjoyed how your ideas are so original and not just a carbon copy of many of the writes you see now a days. I enjoyed this chapter, because it offers an out look at the place where the Guru lives and it also adds more to the characters personalities.

Now, about things that need fixing. I didn't see much in this chapter that needed polishing, except for maybe putting spaces between paragraphs. In a novel it's unnecessary, but usually when writing is online it makes it easier for the reader if the paragraphs are spaced.

Besides that, this was a great chapter! Your writing skills are at their best, I can't wait for part 4!

Posted 14 Years Ago

Oo, interesting! I wonder what's gonna happen next! Great chapter by the way! Loved it! It was wonderfully detailed and very descriptive! Keep up the good work! :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Not much to say except that I used to love writing but as of late I don't know what's happened to me. I'm hoping to get back into what I loved and hope that some people can muster up some honest/helpf.. more..

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