A Chapter by Joseph Aldridge

Chapter 1 of a new short story that I am working on. Here is the first chapter and more to come. Hope you like it.


Lake Darby

Chapter 1

September 13, 2011 my family and I are planning a family vacation. This year they are finally letting me bring a friend with me, I am so excited. Our house is in a mess because, we are all sorting through the things we want to take with us. Instead of leaving the state and having our vacation somewhere else, we have decided to go to a lake here in our own city. We have never been, and we are looking forward to it not being too crowded. My name is Amber, and I am the daughter of Tom and Mary. I have one sibling and his name is Peter. While I am packing my bags, I look out the window and I see a bright blue sedan. I race down the stairs and open the front door and run into my best friend’s arms. Rebecca has finally arrived. We walk inside together and I help her bring her bags up to my room. “So are you excited?” She asked. “You bet I am” I replied. As I look into her eyes, she looks as if she is scared of something. “Are you alright?” I asked her with a sincere voice. “Couldn't be better” she replied. But I knew otherwise. We have been friends for eight years and I know when something is wrong or not. As I continue to pack my bags, Rebecca decided she will go downstairs and see how the rest of the family is doing. I guess you could say that the family is doing alright. I think the family was happier before we moved here, but I can't really speak for the whole family. My brother is the oldest, and I am the youngest. My parents really wanted four children, but I guess they realized two was enough. My brother has just graduated from High School, and I am a junior. We are not to far apart in age, which is awesome. We have a lot of the same friends and we sort of like the same things, so I guess mom and dad did us a favor by having us so close. We live in Clark City, Connecticut. I love the weather out here, but the people in this small town are something else. You have to be careful with what and how you say things to people, because a lot of times they will misinterpret the things you say to them. Other than that, this town is alright. We have roughly 13 businesses total, including groceries stores, and banks. We have one park, and one lake. The lake is huge, and is also the lake we are going to spend our vacation at this fall. The name of the lake is Lake Darby. Rumor has it ,that the lake was named after a famous fisherman that had saved people from a sinking ship from the 1970's. That’s the story that was always told to me, but who really knows how the lake got its name. I mean its not like the people back in the day had documents to record the naming of the lake. We are suppose to be leaving in a hour, and I just can't wait. I have my stuff packed so I guess I will head downstairs and see how my brother is doing. “Oh Peter!” I yelled. “Sister?” He replied. “Whatcha doing?” I asked. “Almost done packing” he said. I couldn't believe I was done before him, but maybe he's just taking his time. I continue to head downstairs, and I smell something. I head into the kitchen and see that dad just brought in some barbecue. “Got to eat something before you go” He said. “Yeah we better, since we all didn't eat breakfast.” I said. Mom just gave me a look. “Wheres Rebecca? Mom asked. “Um, she is suppose to down here seeing what you guys were up to.” I replied. I stood up from the table and started to look for Rebecca. I walked into the living room, and didn't see her. Turned around and walked up stairs. I knew she wasn't in my room, considering I just came from here, and Peter is packing so I wonder where she could be. I walked to the end of the hallway upstairs, and looked out the window, and she was outside at the end of our driveway. She appears to be as if she is on the phone, but it's hard to tell from the window upstairs, so I decided to go and see what she is up to. I came outside, and just started to walk towards her, when I noticed that while she was talking on the phone, she was also crying. I didn't want her to know that I seen her crying so I just turn around and walk back inside. “She's outside” I told my mother. “Okay Sweetie” She said. Whatever she is upset about, she won't seem to tell me. Could it be family issues? Nah, I wouldn't think so because her and her family always seem to be so loving and sweet. Well you know what they say, the ones that seem to be doing the best, are the ones that you have to watch. After a while passes, Rebecca finally comes in. She has a smile on her face, so I guess she solved the situation she was in. “You guys made Barbeque!” She said excited. “We sure did” Dad Replied. “That’s my favorite food.” Rebecca Smiled, as she fixed herself a plate. Peter rushed down the stairs. “I’m all set” he said. “Awesome, so has everybody packed their bags?” Mom asked. “Yes!” we all yelled. “Then lets hit the road.” Dad suggested. We all ran to our rooms and grabbed our bags. “Shotgun” Peter called. “Guess us girls will set in the back.” Mom said. We put the bags in the car, buckled our seat belts, and off we go. As we are leaving our house, we are heading into town to get some gas for the vehicle so we can fill up for the ride to the lake. We will be taking route 35 to Lake Darby. It's roughly a two hour drive but I think we all can manage the wait. We pull up to get gas station, and I get out to run in the money to the store clerk. There was a huge line, so I just walked around the store until the line shorten. When I seen only one person being served then I jumped in for it to be my turn. “How may I help you?” The store clerk asked. I replied “forty dollars on pump four please.” “Thanks” She said. I walked out of the door and skipped to the car. 

© 2012 Joseph Aldridge

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Added on September 5, 2012
Last Updated on September 5, 2012
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Joseph Aldridge
Joseph Aldridge

Pageland, SC

Obviously Im Joseph. 17. Always liked to read. Beginning to start writing my own stories and poems. I uploaded my very first poem: The Love Tree, and my first story : Lake Darby coming soon. I hope y.. more..


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