Chapter 8. The Nightmares

Chapter 8. The Nightmares

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

our young hero has some nightmares about the night his family was murdered



“Come on little brother, you can do better than that!” said Jaden as he blocked a punch from Jaso then countered with a sweeping kick that knocked Jaso off his feet “oof, I’m trying” said a worn out Jaso “you’ll have to try harder if you ever want to be king, boy” said a figure as it darted up punching Jaden square in the gut “I have a feeling that you won’t live much longer” the man said as he slammed Jaden against the wall so hard that Jaso could hear Jaden’s ribs break. Jaso got up to run the man noticed this and yelled “not so fast boy” Jaden grabbed the man and threw him half way across the yard “Jaso run and get dad, I’ll hold him off” Jaden said as his arms sparked to life with blue lightning “GO!!” he yelled as he attacked the man, Jaso ran inside the castle to his mother’s room “mom! Maliron is attacking” he yelled as he ran in “what are you talking about?” asked his mother as she turned to look at him, she was beautiful, she stood about five foot four inches tall had long red hair that reached her waist with green eyes and pale skin, “what are you talking about Jaso?” asked his older sister jenala who was getting ready for the dance later that night, she looked just like her mother, “Maliron is attacking Jaden” Jaso said with tears coming to his eyes, just as he got done saying that maliron walked in sword drawn and stained with blood “looks like the cats out of the bag” maliron raised his sword and pointed it at Salina “time for you to die my queen” he said with a laugh, Salina stood and took off her crown “jen take Jaso and find your father” Salina ordered, jen looked at her mother then grabbed Jaso’s hand “ok come on Jaso we have to find dad” jen said as they raced out the back door to find their father, they heard their mother scream her last breath as she died, moments later maliron walked out with blood covering him “your turn girl” he said wiping the blood off his sword “Jaso you need to find dad now” she said as she pulled all of her power to her right hand, it sparked wildly, Jaso took off running as fast as he could, behind him he heard his sister scream, Jaso sat up in his bed covered with sweat, trembling as he realized that it was just a dream, he looked at the clock on his nightstand it said two-thirty, holding his head he thought about that night, if he had been just a little bit faster they could have lived, a single tear ran down his face as he screamed, moments later mays voice came asking if he was alright “yes I’m fine it was just a dream” replied Jaso as he got up to look out the window, he waited for her to go back to bed, then he jumped out his window and flew high into the sky, it was raining but he didn’t care, a bolt of lightning struck nearby he watched it as it arced across the sky, again he remembered his sisters screams as she gave her life for him to live, Jaso screamed as loud as he could hoping that someone would hear him, he returned home just before dawn, dripping wet he quickly changed to some dry clothes as he got ready for school, he wondered what may was doing  his eye shone red as he looked through the wall to see may getting dressed, he quickly let go of this power to give her some privacy, and walked to the front door grabbed his backpack and an umbrella then went to school, it was a long walk, but it gave him time to think about what maliron took from him, his family and his way a life was taken at such a young age, Jaso sat through all of his classes that day and didn’t say a word, as he walked out of the school he noticed the sign in front said that next week was the homecoming prom.

© 2013 Joshua David Vrana

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Added on January 14, 2013
Last Updated on January 24, 2013


Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

Lincoln, NE

Hello my name is Josh, I'm 23 years old, live in Lincoln, NE, when I was younger I didn't like to read that much, it wasn't untill the Harry Potter books that i satarted to enjoy reading. I fell in.. more..