Chapter 9. New Threads

Chapter 9. New Threads

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

Jaso stood in front of the mirror admiring his new costume that he had completed; it was black one piece suit with white chest plate, bracers, greaves, and a white utility belt. The best part was that he could store it in his watch, which was the most useful thing he had, it could store just about anything, he willed the suit to go back into the watch, of which it did, then he got dressed for school. Jaso sat on the bus to school thinking about what all he could do now that he could keep his identity safe, the bus stopped to pick up more students, Sara archer got on the bus and sat next to her boyfriend, Jaso remembered that prom was tomorrow he decided that he would just go by himself. When he got home Jaso asked may if she had a friend that has a tux that he could borrow “I think my brother has one your size I’ll call him right now” may said as she went to her bedroom, Jaso looked in the fridge for something to drink and got a soda, he flopped on the living room couch and turn on the TV to the news, the broadcast was about a super powered human on the rampage in Nebraska, Jaso turned it off as may walked out saying “he said that he would bring it over in a bit” Jaso drank the last of his soda “I’m going to go out for some air” he willed his suit to come out then he jumped out the open window to the city street below and fell till he has a few inches above the ground then flew high into the sky. In the past month he had made a reputation as a hero, he had made the front page in the papers for stopping a bank robbery, which had ruined his first costume with bullet holes; he hoped this one would be bullet proof since he made it by hand himself with steel thread. Jaso sored through the sky using his eye power to see the streets below him, he spotted a store robbery in progress so he stopped to watch it from the sky, one of the people inside was Sara, two squad cars pulled up then he knew it was time to work, he warped inside, walked down to the cash register, “wow how low can you get” Jaso said as the robber turned around to look at who was talking, the robber fired his gun at Jaso who just stood there as the bullets bounced off his suit “my turn” Jaso teased he rushed up grabbing the gun and crushing it with one hand as he also grabbed the robber and carried him outside to the cops to deal with, Jaso walked back inside to tell the people that it was ok, “you know we’ve got to stop meeting like this” Jaso said to Sara as he took off for home. When he flew in the window may was waiting for him “I put the suit in your room shadow” she said teasingly as she watched Jaso change back to normal “thanks may, how have you been feeling” he asked gesturing to her belly “oh I’ve been fine” she replied as she rubbed her belly “if it’s a boy I’m going to name him Jason” she said as Jaso sat down on the couch “and what if it’s a girl?” Jaso asked playfully “then her name would be Ashley” may answered “so who are you taking to prom” may asked with a curious tone in her voice “no one” came Jaso’s reply “none of the girls at school would say yes” the truth was that he had not asked a single girl at school to go with him because he wanted to go with Sara but she has a boyfriend who was already taking her, “I’m going to bed” Jaso said with his best attempt at a yawn hoping that may would buy it “ok good night josh” she said as Jaso thought was thanking the over lookers that she had bought it. Once in his room he looked over the tux, it was black with a blood red tie, he tried it on and he looked good in it, he took it off and put it in his closet nice and neat, then he laid down to rest, as he fell asleep hi mind wondered. Jaso was running as fast as he could, seeing a body lying on the ground Jaso knew that it was his father, “dad!” Jaso turned his father over he was smiling, Leon reached a hand up to his sons face “Jaso my son” Leon said with a raspy voice “you must survive, to avenge our family from him” Leon coughed up some blood “I’m going to die son, but with the last of my power I will protect you” there was a flash of light and then all was black Jaso was screaming “NOOOO!” as he woke up in a sweat again, may was standing over him saying “it’s ok josh, it was just a dream” Jaso looked at her “I’ll kill him!” Jaso snarled angrily.

© 2013 Joshua David Vrana

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Added on January 24, 2013
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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

Lincoln, NE

Hello my name is Josh, I'm 23 years old, live in Lincoln, NE, when I was younger I didn't like to read that much, it wasn't untill the Harry Potter books that i satarted to enjoy reading. I fell in.. more..