Chapter 4. Unexpected news.

Chapter 4. Unexpected news.

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

After Jaso answered the police man questions he took off to find the hospital that they took May to, after he found it he was escorted to the waiting room of which he was pacing back and forth in. Hoping that May would be okay, "it's all my fault" he said to himself, When the doctor came out Jaso stopped and looked at him, waited for him to speak, "she'll be fine" he said, "she just needs to rest now" if Jaso believed in god he would have been thanking him. "You can go see her if you want" the doctor said. As Jaso walked in and saw her laying there he knew that he would do better to protect her from everything. May started to move a little in her bed, "mmm, I hurt all over" she moaned, "I'm just glad you're okay!" Jaso said as he held her hand gently. The door opened and a doctor walked in holding a chart. "well miss Vrana, we have some good news and some bad news" he said "the bad news is your hospital bill" May made a little groan, the doctor continued "and the good news is that your baby is just fine" with the sudden news of a baby May and Jaso looked at each other with shocked faces, "have a good day" he said as he left the room. "I...I don't, how?" May started to say, "I guess it doesn't matter" Jaso said "I'll have a little brother or sister" Jaso smiled at May, "but I'm out of a job, how will I pay for the house, car, and utilities?" May thought aloud, "leave that to me" Jaso answered. "Now get some rest, for me?" May laid her head on the pillow and fell asleep. Jaso sat and watched her sleep all night. As Jaso drove May home from the hospital he thought about how much had changed since he first came to earth. He remembered how May found him hiding in a corner, she was so different than the others; she cared. As they got near the apartment Jaso could see a police car parked out front, he pulled in the drive way and woke May up "we're home" Jaso said to May. they got out of the car, Jaso could hear the footsteps of the officer "are you May Vrana?" the officer asked, "y yes, I am" answered May, the officer looked at Jaso "my name is Miles, Henry Miles" he said holding his right hand out, "Josh, nice to meet you" Jaso said in reply Henry then proceeded to look at May "I have a few questions about your assault the other day" May looked scared "I don't think now is a good time, can you come back another day?" Jaso replied "I thought that might happen, just answer the questions I wrote down, please?" officer Miles asked Jaso took the paper "have a good day" officer Miles said tipping his hat and walked back to his car and left "well I guess I'll have to fill this out" Jaso said looking at May, "I'll help" May replied weakly Jaso picked may up and carried her into the apartment "just set me down on the couch?" May asked, "Can I get you anything?" Jaso asked not waiting for a reply. He got a glass of water for May "thank you Josh" May said Jaso filled out the paper the officer wanted done, May filled out what she could remember from that day. he could see that something was bothering her, "what's wrong" Jaso asked as he saw May's hand shake May whispered something under her breath that even he could not hear, "how did I survive?" May asked "I should be dead" Jaso trying to think of an answer just replied "they said some guy with powers saved you" Jaso was trying not to reveal that it was him who had done it. "A guy, with powers?" May said sounding confused, "yeah, I don't know either" Jaso said as he walked to his room "at least hank is in jail".

© 2012 Joshua David Vrana

Author's Note

Joshua David Vrana
this is hank renal, may's boss and jaso's first chance to use his power

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Added on March 22, 2012
Last Updated on April 14, 2012
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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

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Hello my name is Josh, I'm 23 years old, live in Lincoln, NE, when I was younger I didn't like to read that much, it wasn't untill the Harry Potter books that i satarted to enjoy reading. I fell in.. more..