Chapter 1. My name is Amy.

Chapter 1. My name is Amy.

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

Three days later. Anna walks down the hall to her projects room to escort Zero Three to the new room that had been prepared for it, Anna flipped the switch for the light in the room and watched through the two way mirror as the light flickered on to reveal a human form on the table, Anna took notes on how zero three reacted to this, zero three laid there not moving as if it were waiting for Anna to come in. Anna unlocked the door and entered "today is your lucky day zero three, you get to move to your own room that you can enter and leave as you please" Anna said not knowing if zero three could understand her, another person entered the room with a wheelchair to cart zero three out to its new room, upon the chair was a  white jumpsuit, of which Anna helped zero three into, "once you learn to talk you can pick your own name" Anna said with a smile "then we can call you by that, I hope you pick better than your older brother Zero" Anna pushed zero three to the new room, and left. the new room as zero three had been placed had dim lighting so that it would not blind zero three, there is a bed off to the left side of the room, a built in bookcase in the back of the room, and what appeared to be a mirror next to the door on the wall. It was a lot warmer in this room then the last, zero three looked at the suit that it had on and all around the room. zero three stopped moving when the door clicked open, a boy of about thirteen walked in front so that zero three could see him, "my name is Zero" said the boy "I'm like your older brother" when zero three didn't say anything he reached a hand out to zero three's face and it felt like all the knowledge that zero knew was passed between them. "My name is Amy" zero three responded, "Well Amy, I’m glad I could do that for you" he quickly left the room leaving her there to do as she pleased. Amy walked over to the bed and lay down until she got hungry, she got up walked to the door it clicked open and she went through, the hallway outside her room was plane white walls, floor, and celling, she didn’t know how but she knew the layout of the whole complex and walked to the cafeteria, her stomach growled at her as she looked at the food, a tray full of food was being handed to her, “this is the good food trust me” said zero as Amy took the tray “thank you” she replied as she went back to her room, once inside she look at what was on the tray, chicken, green beans, bread, an mashed potatoes and gravy, even though she had never had any of this food before she knew what it tasted like, she knew that she liked the chicken and mashed potatoes, but not the gravy or green beans, bread had no taste but she ate it anyway and after she finished what she wanted she set the tray outside the door, she sat on her bed and waited for Anna to come and speak with her, she knew that Anna would come because of the memories that Zero showed her, so she waited, and waited, until Anna walked in to her room, “I’m here to see how you’ve settled into your room and do some test” Anna said, “please don’t take my blood” said Amy with a scared tone in her voice, “well that is half of my test gone” Anna sounded surprised, “and the tray outside means you’ve eaten, have you gone to the bathroom yet?” Anna asked, “No” came Amy’s response,

© 2012 Joshua David Vrana

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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

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