Chapter 3. Jaso Varrail

Chapter 3. Jaso Varrail

A Chapter by Joshua David Vrana

Zero walked in to the main office "let me get her help!" he asked with anger in his voice, "no, why do you care so much what happens to her?" said Mr. Archer "she is a newer version of you, if she lives, you don't" stated Mr. Archer, "I care because she is like a little sister to me" Zero said, "well she isn't, you were both born in test tubes" Mr. Archer said "now leave, you are not going to help her" Mr. Archer ended the argument. Zero went to Amy's room to check on her, as the door opened he saw a person wearing a white coat checking on Amy, "it’s okay, I am a friend" said the man “she should be alright now” he said as he turned to face Zero “just give her a few days to recover” as he turned to leave he smiled “take care of her till she finds what she wants” then he left the room. Zero looked at Amy, she seemed to be healthier now so he checked to see if he could figure out what the man had done, he could not, he went to chase after the man and eventually found him in Amy’s old room “who are you?” Zero asked while letting his lightning palm charge up, the man quickly grabbed Zero’s wrist “not someone you do not want to mess with” he replied “my name is Jaso Varrail, I am you, or rather, you are my clone” Zero stood there looking at who he was supposed to be “how did you get here?” Zero asked him, “She called me” he replied talking about Amy, “how could she?” Zero asked “We are Tarrians, we can communicate telepathically” as he said this he did it to show Zero all that he knew about their race. “Do you understand now?” Jaso asked letting go of Zero, “yes, but why did you help her?” Zero asked, “she has a future with me, so I want to keep her alive until then” Jaso pulled a small box out of his pocket and handed it to Zero “make sure she gets this” upon saying that Jaso disappeared. Zero looked at the box and wondered at what was inside; he went to Amy’s room and stayed with her till she came to five days later. When Amy awoke she looked around her and saw that she was in her room and that Zero was there with her, she then looked at her own body there were wires and tubes hooked up all over her body that she had to spend ten minutes to undo all of them. “Zero, wake up” she said softly touching his arm, “mmm huh?” Zero woke up slowly “Amy you’re okay” Zero said as soon as he saw her, she nodded that she was “can you get my clothes for me?” she asked trying to cover her body with her hands, “yeah I’ll be right back” he left the room, she got up and walked over to a hidden door and opened it, inside was a small bathroom, she closed the door behind her and looked in the mirror at her body, she had blood in spots running down her arms and legs from the tubes that were hooked up to her, she turned on the water to the tub and waited for it to fill. Zero returned with some new clothes for Amy and left them on the bed, she lowered herself into the bath and began to wash her legs.

© 2013 Joshua David Vrana

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Added on May 1, 2012
Last Updated on January 14, 2013
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Joshua David Vrana
Joshua David Vrana

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