A Poem by The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo

Just a short poem



By: Peyton Jones

We are all but puppets, controled by society

We are controled by greed, and fame

We thrive on our pety little lives with no verity

When i think of us, i shake my head in shame

Im am a sad little puppet, but i live my life free

Im a Socal Outcast, a loser, lame

But one day they will relize, life is so much more fun if you listen to me

But for now I cry in lonlyness, so alone, but its all the same

I cover my true fealing and pretend to be happy

Im a painted lil puppet, I hide to stay sane

But its to late, this little painted puppet is lost and gone

Listen to what he has leanred and try to be like me

Paint you fealing, hide you pain

To the rest of this world of puupets, its all the same

© 2009 The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo

Author's Note

The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo
i know i suck at spelling, but as long as you get the gist of what im saying then im good

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thax everybody! im glad you liked it. ^.^

Posted 12 Years Ago

I know exactly what you're saying here, society controls, twists and contorts us into such a way of thinking that we almost all end up being ostracized at one point or another which is really sad because if we could all just get along and stop holding everyone to such ridiculous ideals we might get somewhere in this world but alas, that's nothing more than a dream in the eyes of the outcasts.

Though your spelling was a bit rough and the rhyming scheme, if intended kind of died off I like what you're going for here, not everything has to be done by a set of standards so I like that you kind of thought outside of the box here. The message I take away from this and I hope it was what was intended is this; 'Even though I live as part of you(society), it doesn't mean I've got to let you bring me down. Be yourself, don't let anyone ever change you.' I really wish more people would simply heed that advice because there's too many people that walk through this life trying to be something they're not.

Posted 12 Years Ago

It is very true what you have expressed in this poem, we are all nothing but puppets. Conforming to society becoming like each other no longer having our own identity and following in the foot steps of what is expected. I like how you compare us (people) to puppets it makes perfect sense and is very creative. I like the lines:
"Im am a sad little puppet, but i live my life free
Im a Socal Outcast, a loser, lame"
It's like your saying that you may be a puppet yet you will not completely conform to their ways even if it does make you an outcast. Which is important, keeping true to who you are. Nicely done. A very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

you know your right. ...... thats an interesting way to put it......... i like it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 20, 2009


The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo
The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo

Pensacola, FL

Im a 13 year old boy from sweet home alabama, many people say that im a geniuse, and many more say im goth and emo, people say im punk and scene, and everyone says im a weirdo, but it all bioles down .. more..


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