so small

so small

A Poem by The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo

a poem conveying my belifes on goverment, or how our world works in general.


So small

BY: Peyton Jones


In this big world that i see,

theres many things that frightin me,

phobias, disease and ghosts,

but none are what I hate the most,

I hate bieng so small,

so little, hardly anything at all,

we are all small, worth nothing,

but all we do is start loathing,

even when we try,

the world passes us bye,

we are under controll of a bilief,

but it causes so much grief,

there is noone in controll,

noone to protect our souls,

but why should we relie on others?

when should only reliey on brothers.

© 2009 The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo

Author's Note

The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo
bad spelling i know, and the messge i was trying to convey is, simly put as possable, goverment sucks.

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Added on November 9, 2009


The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo
The Weirdo, The Geniuse, The Emo

Pensacola, FL

Im a 13 year old boy from sweet home alabama, many people say that im a geniuse, and many more say im goth and emo, people say im punk and scene, and everyone says im a weirdo, but it all bioles down .. more..