Love Kills 2: Brad Returns

Love Kills 2: Brad Returns

A Story by Jemma Packman

Brad returns to finish what he started


Ali lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling, absorbed in her own little world. She had blocked out all sound. She didn't hear her mom call her. Ali acknowledged her mom when she shook her.
Ali. Ali dear," Mrs Smeedly said. "ALI!" she shouted.
"Huh? Oh, hi mom," Ali said. Mrs Smeedly glared at Ali. "What have I done now?" Ali inquired.
"You were thinking about that horrid young man again, weren't you," accused Mrs Smeedly.
"I can't help it. I really did like him you know, mom. How was I to know he was a liar, a cheat and a murderer?" remarked Ali.
"Let's not get into it right now. Anyway the reason I came up was Kiefer's downstairs. He's ready to take you to the movies," Mrs Smeedly told Ali.
"Oh my god! I had completely forgotten about that! Could you tell him I'm almost ready please?" pleaded Ali.
"Really Alison, you should know when you're going out," Mrs Smeedly replied. "Only this once, do you hear me? Only this once," she said and left the room as Ali quickly threw on a dress, shorts and some pumps.
Ali walked down the stairs to see Kiefer waiting for her. "You look good Ali," he complimented.
"Thanks," said Ali. "Anyway, are we going to stand here all night? Let's go."
Kiefer and Ali had to walk to the movies but they didn't mind as it was only a few blocks away from Ali's house.
When they got to the movies, Ali and Kiefer went to see ‘Clueless'. As they walked into the cinema, someone caught Ali's attention. She glanced around but couldn't see whoever it was again. "What's up Ali?" Kiefer asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost."
"I think I might have," muttered Ali. "It doesn't matter. Let's go any enjoy the flick." With that they went in to watch the film.
Several times during the film, Ali looked around but didn't see the mystery person.
When the film had finished, Kiefer and Ali walked out of the cinema hand in hand. Kiefer had tears in his eyes. Ali asked, "Hey, Kiefer have you been crying?"
Kiefer nodded. "It was the film it was almost the same as how we got together," Kiefer replied. "Then I got to thinking about Michelle, Sandy and Brad."
"Me too," confessed Ali. "Tell you what, we'll go and get a Big Mac and a soda and talk. Okay?" Ali said. Kiefer nodded.
They sat down at a table and Ali told Kiefer how she'd been dreaming that Brad was out of the detention centre and sending her present, cards and even came round after killing him.
"Wow!" remarked Kiefer. "I've had the same kind of dreams about Michelle. But in mine Sandy saves you and Gary shoots Michelle, then himself."
"Let's hope that doesn't happen," said Ali hopefully.
"It wouldn't because Brad and Michelle are inside and Sandy's dead," remarked Kiefer.
Ali explained that she thought she had seen Brad and Michelle at the movies.
"It was just your imagination," Kiefer said.
Ali and Kiefer were just finishing their food when they were tapped on the shoulder. Kiefer jumped. Ali pivoted in the chair with her fist clenched. She brought her fist up ready to throw a punch. She relaxed when she saw who it was.
"Hey Ali, no need to get physical," said Chet. Standing with him was Chet, Tom and Kevin. Standing behind Kiefer was Gary, Wyatt and Christian.
"Hi guy," smiled Ali sounding relieved it was them.
"Who were you expecting? Mike Tyson?" asked Gary.
"She was expecting Brad I think," answered Kiefer.
"Don't be silly Ali. Brad and Mike Tyson are both inside," said Wyatt.
"Yeah I know. But I keep thinking I see him where ever I go," said Ali.
"Who? Mike Tyson?" asked Chad.
"No. Brad. I'm sure I've seen him and Michelle following me," explained Ali. "I think I'm going mad. I know they're still in the detention centre."
"We don't think you're mad," said Kevin.
"Thanks guys," said Ali.
"No, we don't think you're mad. We know you are," said Tom.
Everyone laughed except Christian. He looked around for a newspaper. When he found one, he opened it up and suddenly the expression on his face changed, from sad to scared. "Oh my god!" he exclaimed.
Everyone stopped laughing. "What is it?" asked Ali concerned.
Christian showed them the article. It said: "Teenage murderers escaped from custody yesterday morning and are expected to head towards their home town of Chicago. The escapees, Brad Harley, 13, and Michelle Joseph, 13, are thought to want to seek revenge on the police informant, Gary Droid."
"Jesus Gary, you'd better watch out," said Wyatt stunned.
They all sat in silence. No one said anything. No one ate anything. No one did anything until a waiter came over to the table and said, "Erm, excuse me. It's nearly closing time, could you finish your food, please?"
"It's ok," said Ali. "I don't think I'm hungry anymore."
"Me either," said Kiefer.
Everyone got up and left. Tom was last out as he picked up his sports bag and put in the burgers and fries. He carried the drinks. Turning to the puzzled waiter, he said, "Hey, I hate to see good food go to waste." He left and ran after the others.
Kiefer walked Ali home. "Thanks Kiefer. It was a great movie," said Ali giving Kiefer a kiss.
"Yeah. Shame it was spoiled by someone who I thought I wouldn't see until I could at least protect myself," Kiefer sighed.
"Hey. Tell you what. We'll do it again soon," said Ali enthusiastically.
Kiefer nodded. He gave Ali a kiss goodnight and went home looking happier than five minutes before.
Ali ran up to her room. As soon as she entered, she could feel a cold draught. She went over to the window. It was open. Yet she was sure she had closed it before she went out. She shrugged. Got undressed and got into bed. Ali lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. Suddenly a hand covered her mouth. Ali jumped. Brad appeared in front of her. "Hi Ali," he said. "How are you?" Brad kissed her lips. As Brad lifted his head up another hand swung around and hit him in the face.
"You know what we're here for. Don't get sidetracked," a voice said angrily. It was Michelle.
There was a silence. Unexpectedly Gary came through the window. Only Ali saw him. "Hey hot stuff why are you hanging around two losers like them?"
Michelle looked up. Brad spun around.
"Hi Gary," Brad said. "Long time no see."
"Yeah well not long enough," replied Gary. "Hey let the sexy one go. This has nothing to do with Ali," Gary said sternly to Michelle.
"Gary, what the hell are you doing in my bedroom?" Ali asked annoyed and shocked.
Gary explained that he had seen Brad and Michelle following them out of McDonald's. Gary followed Brad and Michelle to Ali's house. He saw them climb a ladder and into Ali's room. "I also phoned your mom, Ali. She's probably at the cop shop by now." Gary said finishing off his explanation.
"You're good at doing the cops work for them, aren't you Gary. Maybe you're an informant or something?" said Michelle sarcastically.
"Gary, go now before you get hurt," Brad said fiercely.
"How come anyone has to get hurt?" asked Ali, suddenly frightened by Brad's tone.
"Quite simple bimbo," answered Michelle, pulling a gun.
Gary took a step forward. No sooner had he done that, than Michelle had re-directed the gun to Ali's head. "A step closer and she's dead! Alright, smart-a*s?" Michelle asked her eyes thinning into slits.
Gary put his hands up. Brad glared at Michelle. "You're not supposed to point that at her. She's coming with us," Brad reminded Michelle.
"I know, but it was the only way I could keep Gary Robot here away," Michelle retorted.
While Brad and Michelle were arguing, Ali knocked the gun out of Michelle's hand. The gun span on the floor. Gary rushed to get it. Brad saw what he was doing and dived over Ali's bed. Brad stretched his arm as far as possible but Gary managed to snatch it up before Brad. Gary threw the gun out the window.
Meanwhile, Michelle had grabbed Ali's shoulder-length brown hair and yanked it hard. "Ow!" yelled Ali. "You…" before the next word came out Ali's left hand swung round and connected with Michelle's chin.
Ali, Brad and Gary watched Michelle stagger backwards into a chest of drawers and fell down. Brad ran over to her. "She's out cold!" he said through gritted teeth.
"Well she shouldn't have help a gun to my head, then pulled my hair," said Ali calmly.
Brad grabbed Ali by the scruff of the neck with two hands and snarled, "You'll pay for that and I don't mean money!"
Quickly Ali gave Brad a right jab in the stomach that knocked the wind out of him. He let go of Ali and bent over. Instantly Ali's right knee came up in Brad's face. Brad fell on his backside and then lay on his back, unconscious.
Gary stared wide eyed first at Brad and Michelle, then at Ali. "Wow! No-one could knock Brad out. Not any of the boys in the eighth grade. Sometimes Ali I think you're Superman's daughter," he said in sheer amazement.
Just then the police arrived. Ali slipped on some shorts and said to Gary, "Pick up Michelle and put her over your shoulder and carry her down the ladder. I'll do Brad."
Gary looked bewildered. But soon his puzzlement was turned to shock as Ali hoisted Brad up and over her shoulder, walked over to the window then down the ladder. He didn't really want to do that, so he opened Ali's bedroom door and dragged Michelle down the stairs and out of the front door.
Ali and Gary gave their statements to a sergeant while Brad and Michelle were being put into the back of two separate police vans.
An officer found the gun in the flowerbed below Ali's window.
Ali told the sergeant that there should be Michelle's, Gary's and her fingerprints on the gun. "Mine near the hammer, Gary's on the barrel and Michelle's on the handle," Ali finished.
"Thanks Ali, Gary. That'll be very useful. Oh there is one more thing. You may have to go to court to give your statements. Both of you," said the sergeant.
Gary and Ali looked at each other, shrugged and said, "Ok," simultaneously.
At school the next day Kiefer, Chet, Chad, Tom, Christian, Wyatt and Kevin ran up to Gary and Ali. "Hey Ali," shouted Chet. "I heard you did to Brad and Michelle what you were going to do to me last night?"
"What's that?" asked Ali.
"Knocked them out!" exclaimed Christian.
"Oh. That," said Ali glumly.
"That's good isn't it? She single-handedly brings down two known criminals and all she has to say is ‘Oh. That.' Jesus, you'd think she'd be happy," criticised Tom.
"Hold it Tom," said Gary. "We've just found out she hit Michelle so hard that Michelle's now got a blood clot on the brain."
"Oh we didn't know that. Sorry Ali," apologised Chad.
"It's not your fault guys," said Ali.
"Ali, it's not you're fault either. You know that. She pulled a gun on you," said Kevin.
"Yeah what were you supposed to do? Let her shoot you and Gary? You did the right thing," said Wyatt.
"Thanks guys. I feel better now," Ali said.
Kiefer gave Ali a hug and a kiss. "Oh I almost forgot. I would like to know something about last night Gary" said Kiefer.
"What?" asked Gary.
"Why you called my girlfriend ‘Hot stuff' and ‘The sexy one'? You're not trying to steal my first proper girlfriend are you?" inquired Kiefer.
"No," Gary laughed
"So what was it Gary? I wouldn't mind knowing myself," said Ali.
"It was just to let Brad and Michelle know that I didn't think very much of them and that Ali was the only one in the room who's life I would save no matter what because it had nothing to do with her. If they had shot her I would never forgive them or myself," explained Gary.
"We've heard that you followed Ali, Kiefer, Brad and Michelle back to Ali's place. Saw Brad and Michelle climb up the ladder to Ali's room," said Christian.
Gary nodded. "So?"
"So did you see Ali get undressed?" asked Wyatt eagerly.
Everyone looked at him, especially Ali and Kiefer.
"No," he said. "I heard Ali come in her room so I ducked down under the window ledge until I heard Brad's voice."
Ali wiped her forehead. "So you didn't see me naked, just in my pyjamas then?" she asked.
"Yep," said Gary.
They were about to go in to a discussion when the principle, Mr Baxter, called Ali to his office.
When Ali arrived she went straight in. Inside were Mr Baxter and Sergeant Robinson. "Sit down please Ali," Mr Baxter said. "Now, you know about Michelle Joseph don't you?" he asked.
"Yes sir," said Ali. "I didn't mean to hit her that hard, really."
"I know Ali. But this is about Brad Harley," said Mr Baxter. Ali's eyed widened. "His kidneys have stopped working as a result of your blow to his stomach."
Ali shook her head. "This can't be happening," she said shaking.
"I'm sorry Ali but it is," said Sergeant Robinson. "But there is good news."
"Really? What?" asked Ali.
"There's a donor," said Sergeant Robinson. "Also, as you did it in self-defence we can't charge you. Alright?"
"Oh fine," said Ali sarcastically. "I give someone a blood clot on the brain and someone else damaged kidneys. Things couldn't get any better."
"Ali you can go home if you want. The sergeant will take you," said Mr Baxter.
"No thanks sir. I'll stay here," said Ali.
Mr Baxter nodded. He excused Ali. Ali said goodbye to Sergeant Robinson and went to class.
At lunch Ali, Kiefer, Gary, Chet, Chad, Tom, Kevin, Christian and Wyatt were talking about what Mr Baxter wanted. Ali explained.
"It's not your day is it Ali?" said Gary.
"No. I don't suppose it is," Ali answered.
"Ali, no matter what happens we are always here for you. Remember that," said Chet.
"Thanks," said Ali. "I will."
"Ali," said Kiefer.
"Yeah. What?" said Ali.
What that he leaned over and kissed Ali and said, "I'll always be here for you. I promise."
"Thanks. I really do mean it guys. I'll be here if you need me. You know that don't you?" asked Ali.
"We know," said Christian. "We've always known."
Ali and the boys sat and ate their lunch. "Hey Ali, maybe you can teach Pee-wee to box. That will help him to protect himself," said Tom.
"Maybe I will. Maybe I will," said Ali.
During the rest of the afternoon, Ali kept thinking about the night before.
When she got home, she ran upstairs lay on her bed and thought, "This is definitely a weird city."

© 2013 Jemma Packman

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Sometimes I do the same i ignore everything around me too just so I can focus great start*-*

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Thank you.

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