I Thought I loved You

I Thought I loved You

A Poem by butterfly

I thought I loved you
To this I hold true
There is nothing to regret
No reason to be blue
My tears are cried with the moon
Hopefully you feel this rain coming over you
Anger still needs time to subside
Its hard to understand the loss of even a fake paradise
I knew all along that's what you are
Still nothing mends the broken heart
Yet I hear God's voice through the shining star
He is never far
When He deserves to be
On me I still feel that divine mercy
Though I fell to the lowest of the low with sin
I wish I was stronger not to fall in temptation
i wish strength was this painful net's foundation
Where did he go
We made love one last time and then he vanished in to air
Suddenly all the texts and phone calls disappeared
One text he sent I have to quit smoking so I wont smell him
I see his pic with his wife on facebook
I know he said he couldn't leave not now
I wouldn't ask him to
He isn't mine
Many wives would want to throw their stones
Is anyone really strong enough to go it alone
Once I was homeless looking for a home
I found in his eyes a glimmer of hope
Our story was written in the stars
Meant to be for that moment on life's rough path we helped each other cope
yet this chapter was not destined for happily ever after
I am glad to be let go
Even somethings are not in my control
Yet my soul isn't broke
In the end all along I have a home
I found my way back to me
Yet she is just as strange I see
I am glad he can forget me now
I just have to get used to living without
Having a man leave his wife is just a foolish dream
We had a destined path only God knows why
Some lesson He had to teach in this earth life
i just have no answer
So here I am on my knees with this prayer
I am grateful and absent of blue
For one reason will always be true
Maybe he played me for a fool
Nothing about him and me was cool
The only one force is strong enough to break the rules
To this I still hold true
I thought I loved you.

© 2021 butterfly

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Maybe he took advantage of a vulnerable young woman? Sounds as though dear heart he led you up the garden path. It is him who should be questioning himself. I felt your pain here. We learn by our mistakes and that isn't easy although it can be a good lesson. Time heals. Your words pulled on the emotions. I felt sadness fir you and anger for him. Expressed with feeling.


Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thanks for the review and reading Chris!! I always enjoy your reviews :)
Chris Shaw

4 Months Ago

You are welcome :)

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