This Eternal Gift

This Eternal Gift

A Poem by butterfly

sweetest days
imperfect ways
forgot my wallet
I tried to call him
He had to work over time
the stars didnt align
So I closed my eyes and i dream of my lover
thirsty for water
yet i love the feeling of starve
i want to have him completely
plant the seed of love in us
yet we cant over come outside forces
there is uncontrolled sources
what ever will be will be
i dont know about yesterday
I dont know about tomorrow
In this present time I want him madly
For 5 minutes or an hour
it would be enough for such divine power
i want you so badly
but the feeling will pass away
and the memories will help me survive
I will close eyes and remember the sweetest ways
of imperfect days
When our bodies lay entwined
nothing can take you from my side
we are in orbit
we can't escape each other's gravity
am i the groomed somebody
or am I a lovely lover
making you thirsty for water
yet there is something about this feeling of starve
i can find the strength to go on no matter how hard
no matter how alone
there is no one waiting at home who i fear
yet this is the reason he disappears
i dont know how to leave you here
for when I try all the dreams die
I long for our paradise to reappear
take me to heaven
keep it open 7 eleven
and always remember we belong together
inside each others arms
tattooed on each others heart forever
no matter how far apart we starve
yet we wait for the light to unite the dark
Like an eclipse that shines from so far
on those moments the stars align bringing me once more to where you are
i sit on your lap
After the long journey with a wrinkled map
I find my bliss in your kiss
As I settle in your arms and take in the scent and hiss
We breathe as one thankful for this eternal gift.

© 2021 butterfly

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Added on July 21, 2021
Last Updated on July 21, 2021




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