A Poem by butterfly

I chased the moons and rainbows
To the edge of tomorrow
I dont know If you will be there
Forever is not a true promise and I am aware
He said he wants a  house in Los Banos
The true goodbye may loom nearer and it makes me feel scared
 I wonder why we were never promising each other that happy ever after life
I said I wont see you anymore
He said I will still see you
Nothing is true
i  won our last bet and I still didnt get my prize
I think his words dont have real meaning I have come to find
Yet the thought of goodbye makes me want to cry
Making me feel asinine
He taught me that word
Told me try to use it in a poem I didnt think it was absurd
Funny inspiration is the cure
no matter how this chapter ends at least we know the magic is pure
His car was running on e and he ran out of money
In debt waiting for the settlement
He has nerve damage
I ran my hand up his arm as I got the gas tank moving with my credit card
He wondered if this is how his dog feels when it gets pet
I told him you have to listen to learn what the dog says
they communicate with their looks and their sounds
then we talked about random things now
I asked him how he got nerve damaged
he said from poling a cable
i tried to understand but found myself disabled
He was asking if I was joking or for real
He says sometimes I am too silly he can't tell
He wanted me to be serious
i felt scolded
He was my daddy and I  was the child
He said he is stress and he is tired
I said why whats going on
Life and bills
Then he noticed my hands and said they look so little
Then he held them and said he wondered how they would look if I wrapped it around him
I said we will find out after he gets his settlement
After he gets divorced
He doesnt like I write about him in my poetry
Yet he can't stop this outside force
Then when he dropped me off at my house
He said I have to hug and kiss you now
Like a declaration I am left lost lost in aggravation
Even in this confusing day
This revelation shows me i love him always
Even while he loves someone else I will still love you
I dont know why
Maybe this is the true meaning of asinine

© 2021 butterfly

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Added on July 23, 2021
Last Updated on July 23, 2021




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