I Let Be

I Let Be

A Poem by butterfly

I let be this bitter reality
We can't control humanity
How do I achieve the desired destiny
I know he isn't for me
yet i still cant let of the dream
i guess its enough three days an hour a week
just friends my uber driver
still rejection hurts
i feel alone
my lonely heart frozen like stone
i wish it could be
i cant make you love me
The hurt refuses to be unseen
While he says he is stuck in unhappiness
He made plans with his co worker with a quickness
He says its not like that
what is there to believe
i can't control
i wouldnt want to
He is not someone I truly want to hold
Alas its the dream that leaves me consoled
but the bitter reality is just a dream i have been sold
Full of pretend
Somewhere in the deep part of him I guess is my friend
he kisses me when he drops me off
I dont understand
why i stay and can't go away
i brush off
the madness,
a life of sadness
i try to let go of the dream
life is so lonely
once again i must say good bye to family
still not married
still none of these things
i hate the pressures society puts on women
i hate diabetes and illness
i want to fly with new wings
yet every time i feel myself stuck
its just a situation
its not love
i pray for help from God and angels above
i remain lost
everything is so dark
i feel so mad
so many fire works and gun shot sounds
no one cares about the neighbors that surrounds
or being kind to the earth
fiancees killing each other
husbands and wives playing games because the hunger
singles lost and lonely at wonder
while bullet sounds make thunder at schools
why in this free country have we become fools
anti vaccine but we trust tylenol and advil
do we really know how it is made
the reasons and logic fade
telling me its faster to drown of drinking water
instead of choosing to protect a son or daughter
i dont understand my lover
i let it be
every piece of this bitter reality
i just want to scream
its so dark no one hears me
it feels so lonely
still i move on
i can only be strong
in a world repeating its sad song.
i let be this bitter reality
stop trying to follow the mad harmony
i let be

© 2021 butterfly

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Added on October 7, 2021
Last Updated on October 7, 2021




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