A Poem by butterfly

He was only meant to take me home
he tells me he isn't in love with his wife and so I know
i ask him if he is in love with me he says he feels things like it
is the bullshit disguised
then i sat on his lap and we kissed and nothing makes sense in my mind
except the melting of my brain i can't see the wrong and right
all i know his lips feel good on mine
i can't deny
i am surrendered to being a bad girl
i surrendered because he wont leave my world
i surrendered because to be without him is too much hurt
all i want to do is love
i dont want anything more
all i want to do is kiss him and not feel anything worse
i dont want him to cheat on her
I tell him to make it happier
he says he isn't in love wit her
but if he leaves she will take his money
he says I am the only one he wants as his lover
why give up the best
i grow deaf to the rest
i know its not smart
some other force navigates my heart
i can't resist his charm
Hades came for Persephone
Its no love story
or could it be
even with gods and mortals it is a mystery
i am sorry for the sin
the compass is broken with in
my friend says the hurt of the past invades my skin
what does he do
will i die without you
no but i wont be happy
so love is the curse
is covid better or worse
i was infected and i was healed
but i can't figure out this deal
life can be cruel in a way i can't explain
he said it something how its harder to be  husband
he says messed up s**t
then he said i look like a whale shark because my pant pattern
he says he doesnt understand why the world doesn't appreciate my  beauty
how do people agree to spend eternity
all i want is someone to give my heart to
i dont know why it beats so much when i am with you
its infection of the lonely hearts
i know its not smart
but what i feel for him now was there from the start
i dont sleep with all married men
its what life dealed me in the end
i pray God will save me
cause this life i live is crazy

© 2021 butterfly

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Added on October 15, 2021
Last Updated on October 15, 2021




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A Poem by butterfly