Tokitae Tattoo

Tokitae Tattoo

A Poem by butterfly

Sometimes an angel wing can come in the form of a killer spirit animals...always inspiring me...


Hate on earth coming in rain falls so heavy
In man made hurricanes
We all have a reason for feeling so empty
I surrender my pain
I surrender my heartache
I cried when you died
I cried when you kissed me one last time
I pray for you to be mine
I guess there is a better ending for my life
Whatever God wills I let it be so
Yet He gave me free will to kiss him when I wanted to
I always wanted to
I thought the feeling of love made it ok
I watched Dr. Phil and it reminds that our love is lame
not love at all
just a fake flame
but i still think of you
i still dream of you
i still want you
even though the world and God tells me not to
So here I sit alone
i try to find someone new
they dont kiss me the way you do
they dont even talk to me like you
the conversation is boring
I would rather be here writing these words on the screen
pretending its poetry
I am annoyed at the snoring
One review says its time to change the sad tone
but, the sadness is engraved on the bone
yet deep in my heart
I dont feel as blue
i will say i want to jump of the bridge
but he always told me no matter how depressed you get you must get through
God will always send the angel wing
to protect from the dark thing
seek Him
So everyone can walk across the street
and all the nations can find peace
seek Him
for the enemy can never win
Seek Him
Feel eternal and passionate love within
Seek Him
For every ailment in the skin
Seek Him
to love and protect His children
Seek Him
So the earth will shine with happiness again with eternal light
Shining bright like a sunflower in the sky
So i can change my tone
I only want my new Tokitae tattoo to show.

© 2023 butterfly

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Added on September 19, 2023
Last Updated on September 19, 2023




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