A Poem by JR

If I close my eyes, I swear I can become you
tight-fisted in the gloom

ignoring the murmurs filtering through the drywall

knarled fingers lumped, typing the final word
chattering ink on blank page
almost tasting each letter
that painted the hollow concavity of your skull

I can feel your ache
somewhere in the back of my head
where I lie to myself

As you did in the letter
sent to your wife
three days before the deed

So let’s raise the ironic cup
of solemn good cheer
for the bats

you from your rest beyond the barrier
I from my golgotha of self

let’s get high
as I imagine we would have

Eyes closed, I can smell you
... nicotine tang of your hitched breath
as you scroll the page
center it

I can almost become
the rumble of your final cluttered laugh

hollow boom...


I swirl in the silence that follows




© 2008 JR

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I came back to read this again...and felt compelled to write something anew...years later. This piece has stuck with me all this time. This is the mark of a fantastic writer. To lay frame in a mind and caress it until it sparks anew. This is what this writing did to me. Thank you, again...

Posted 3 Years Ago

This absolutly awesome, very poignant and the imagery is great.

"almost tasting each letter
that painted the hollow concavity of your skull"

Posted 10 Years Ago

JR, I could picture you hangin' at Owl Farm, kicking back, throwing back some mood altering s**t...writing some seriously sicker s**t (but in a good There's where the similarity ends though, dude, Hunter typed one word...just ONE word "counselor" in the center of a otherwise blank sheet of paper before blowing gray against the cabin walls. YOU on the other hand would still be sitting there typing your brains pun intended. (Okay he did write a pretty cryptic suicide note earlier but still...)

I'm really liking these lines;

"So let's raise the ironic cup
of solemn good cheer
for the bats"



Posted 11 Years Ago

HUNTER S. THOMPSON!!! Beautiful write... I absolutely love this and am adding it to my favorites. I had to read it 2 times before I got it but when I did...the elation was insurmountable!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your write... I adore it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is haunting my friend........poignant.......vivid melancholy......deepest flowing pain and the release of the demons by exposing them to the light......So well crafted......flowing indeed.....To me, this is one of your best to date......Best wishes and glowing peace JR.....


Posted 11 Years Ago

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I love the way you flow. It's so.. quick, then slow, then quick again.. having this suspenseful tempo.
And I am the biggest fan of darkness, especially when it's not cheesy, and when the words are carefully selected as in this poem
Good job


Posted 11 Years Ago

As usual I'm floored by your subtle and effective imagery. The words you chose really fit well too, not just for their meanings but also for their sounds, which gives the impression that you spent a lot of time on this. You do a great job of transforming the metaphysical into the physical, too, and I get a sense of something far away that I can't see (that last "almost" is so important). Great job with this; it's very striking.

Posted 11 Years Ago

this was a really dark out fashioned poem, and you sort of put things in there that made it modern...almost technological. my favorite line was:
ignoring the murmurs filtering through the drywall

it had a ring. I really enjoyed this, the story was a little bit of a mystery..maybe a love gone wrong? it makes the reader think. Nice work

Posted 11 Years Ago

knarled fingers lumped, typing the final word
chattering ink on blank page-------------liked this sharpness ! you can be pretty piercing and encrypting dabblers....but aren't we all sometimes like this... all is about experience, we are getting wiser and weiser. your a kind with this one.. ha! gandre

Posted 11 Years Ago

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this is good... yuve spent some time on this one. its going into my collection. i havent read many tributes to hunter s thompson, this certainly fills that vacuum.. just last week i reread the curse of lono, the man was brilliant, no doubt of that. thanks for posting, enjoyed very much! zig

Posted 11 Years Ago

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