PARTY: Narrated by an introvert.

PARTY: Narrated by an introvert.

A Poem by J. Moore

i didnt wanna be at this party


-parties definitely not my thing, so I'm hiding in the bathroom as long as I can that is not too weird.

-worst thing about being an introvert is you cant sit alone at a party without people asking if you ‘okay’.

-if parents write notes saying that their kids can drink and the kid does something stupid, how come the kid isn’t blamed, the parents trusted them and the kid abused it… but this doesn’t make sense now… it sounded better in my head… as does everything.

-the flaw in my sitting plan is that I'm right near the draft- f**k.

-it’s weird after I’ve made this decision to not drink people offer me drinks now… they never did before.

-I think I have to talk now, for social expectations.

-make a note ‘holes in cans’, it might make a starry effect.

-____ definitely drinks to get drunk �"daddy issues.

-I have a few other observers but they have friends to b***h to… I guess you are my friend.

-some people just need to learn how to suck it in!

-I think no one would notice if I was not here, however I'm not really making an effort to be noticed…I'm doing what I want so I shouldn’t be complaining about not getting attention…I'm actually getting more attention than I want right now cuz people think I'm ‘not okay’ �"UGH F**K OFF OH MY F****N GOD.

-I hate bimbos so much.

-I gotta stop this, people think I'm weird �"what? What?- if only there was anyone interesting right now.

-making myself comfortable for the rest of the night…curled up in the foetal position in a chair…its quite comfy however I think my hips are getting sore so I'm gonna have to move �"yeah I’m good- oh another one.          -April ‘15

© 2015 J. Moore

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Added on October 19, 2015
Last Updated on October 19, 2015
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J. Moore
J. Moore

Melbourne, East, Australia

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A Poem by J. Moore