A Woman Is Waiting For Me.

A Woman Is Waiting For Me.

A Poem by Joyeta

Hoping that children do the same as their parents


                  A  Woman Is Waiting For Me             

                                 Last year, winter night, a wolf howled                                                Leaving  familiars , I came in strange crowd.                         In my heart, mind was thinking of better chances I  moved ahead hurrily,                                                                             Forgot  to meet a woman’s glances .  I spend all her things  without hesitation,                                    Like a vampire with a thousand years of starvation   I didn’t think about that or this,                                                I moved on and letting her live in crisis …                                   My eyes saw the success of sun,                                                        But a woman’s heart was grinding into churns.                        I lived in a city of modern facilities                                                     Let the woman lived in difficult causalities.                                      I wasted foods like a monster                             When the woman focused her eyes                                            In the dustbin like a hunter.                                                              I worn rich clothes and made fun of torn dress    Where a woman struggled to find    A piece of cloth to cover her chest.                                                Of those days, I kind of forgot her                                                          A woman begged in street, hardly found a coin                     Called me everyday to    know “how I was were”                    A woman wished to visit                                                                   But I refused her-                                                Saying that she will make me to burn                                                 With the shame of heat.                                         I said aloud   “Don’t even try to call me!”                                                  A woman replied with sigh-                      “If it only calm me”                                                                                     Days passes,                          My mistakes increases.                                      I went there to study                                             But made myself sturdy.   I found myself in all crimes,                            Where a woman waited for me being mime.                       Gambling of life, made me lost my money,                                  I realized, life without                                        A woman won’t be sweet as honey.                                                     The rain of glitters was stopped,             All my butterfly friends left me with a dark spot.            I cried a lot to go home,   With a steam of emotions and heavy dark fome.              I came , I came                                                           I came to my tiny shabby house                         Where a woman was sitting in a torn couch.                         I entered with a tiny smile,     A woman screamed and said that you are mine.          I found that she has diamond hair,                                               Mountained skin, but broken about,                                                     I thought how much she suffered without doubt.                            The  woman said- ‘I always waited for you dear                                                Come close and stay with me forever here’                        Yes, the woman was waiting for me,                                                 Who called me Hon                                                She waited till the moon to set,                          And hoping for a rising sun……                                                                                 

                                                                                     By Joyeta

© 2019 Joyeta

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A Poem by Joyeta