Gnome bomb

Gnome bomb

A Story by Jon Roggie

Knowing my limited reflexes,
 a surly individual has become more bold.
Sneaking into new territory,
 unaware of the surroundings.


He freezes in place,
 hoping it might be another gnome.

  The one behind the duck,
    and clover!
     Stand still, gnomie!"

         please forgive me, Mr. Floyd

What do gnomes do in these situations?

Freeze in place.

   Don't move.
      Stand like a statue.
  Maybe a lawn ornament.

"Fine.  I will just walk away."

True to the word,
 the big one walks into the shadows,
  and takes a seat.

Few grunts,
 and a couple of choice words,
   which even made an aged gnome's ears blush,
   finally followed by a satisfied sigh.

Chords of music begin to play,
 and a deeper voice echoes the song,
"My uncle has a country place,

 while the music still plays.

Ember glows for a moment.

"Still there?"


"Moved behind the roses."

When I realized it wasn't a question,
 my hat went limp.

"This is the Garden, my friend.
 Some of us live here.
  We don't talk much,
  but it is our home."

Rustle in the leaves,
 and a few butterflies fly by,
   tortoise wanders off,
    and the gnome watches a pixie fly away.

© 2020 Jon Roggie

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And that my friend, is what imagination is all about. (I had to write that, as so few people would read and understand this to be non fiction, which it clearly is if only they'd open their eyes.)
My garden is sadly gnome free and even wildlife free at the moment, which in the eerie silence does lend an extra layer of foreboding into the mix.
Now I am left wondering if amazon deliver gnomes, or would that be seen as slavery? 😀

Posted 1 Year Ago

Jon Roggie

1 Year Ago

For some reason, post of the picture did not cooperate. Suspects in the scene shared a smiling wave.. read more

1 Year Ago

I have a dip on my path that puddles in the rain, so puddles all the time. Would be great to see a f.. read more
those gnomes, can't trust them...this really reminded me of reading "the shining"
and the part about the hedge animals.
sneaky, freaky....

Posted 1 Year Ago

Jon Roggie

1 Year Ago

I can work with that. Gnomes and topiary. It could get scary!
Thank you, Jacob!
Now my pagan soul does love this piece :) A magickal (K intended) adventure that invited me in and empowered a smile, nicely done Jon :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Jon Roggie

1 Year Ago

Family seems to run with druids, which might explain certain insights. Plus, spend time in a garden.. read more

1 Year Ago

True that...I once saw a gnome beneath a hazel tree, of course no-one believed me at the time but he.. read more
Jon Roggie

1 Year Ago

Hazel, willow, and oak. Each calls to the individual.
A wonderful read! A tad bit of magic at the end! Very nice! :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Jon Roggie

1 Year Ago

Little late night ramble. Touch of fun.
Glad you liked it!
light and ashes

1 Year Ago

You're welcome! :)

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4 Reviews
Added on May 6, 2020
Last Updated on May 6, 2020


Jon Roggie
Jon Roggie

Porterville, CA

I tend to ramble, and rarely explain myself. Take that as you will more..


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