Horrible Nightmare

Horrible Nightmare

A Story by juba08

It was just supposed to be a normal sleepover, but it turned into a horrible nightmare.

It was a typical sleepover, they were all in Anna's basement and they were watching a
movie and, of course, Claire fell alseep first.  Little did they know, the terror that was going on 
in her dream.  Suddenly, Claire woke up, so abruptly that the girls turned to look at her.  Olivia
 turned to Claire,  "Are you okay?" she asked."Yeah, I guess, it was just a nightmare.  Olivia? 
Olivia?" Claire asked.  They looked to see Olivia staring at the hallway entrance, and in that 
hallway entrance, stood two dark, blurry, tall figures like in Claire's dream.  Anna let out a 
scream and they all stood up.  Claire abruptly fell to the ground.  Sienna went to help her up, to 
find her body cold, meanwhile the figures dissapeared.  Claire wasn't moving, so Sienna 
checked her pulse.  It was gone.  "We need to go upstairs and call the hospital or police or 
something!" Sienna said shakily.  All of them were terrified and wanted to get out of the 

Anna runs to the bathroom while the rest of them ran upstairs, shocked and scared.
As if out of nowhere, one of the figures appeared at the top of the stairs and they all backed 
down the stairs.  "I'm gonna make a run for it." Tara said trembeling.  She ran at the figure and 
put her hand on the doorknob.  The door was locked and she fumbled with it as her vision went
black and the figure was trying to push her out of the way.  It pushed Tara's neck against the 
stair railing, breaking her neck, killing her, and dropping her to the ground dead, her dark curly 
hair covering her face.  With a scream from Sienna, it dissapears.  "NO!" Kitsune screams as 
she runs to her friend, praying for it to be a nightmare and for everyone to be okay.

"What the hell are we gonna do?" Audrey sobs, leaning against the wall.  In shock,
the other girls didn't hear Audrey being dragged up the wall by her neck until it was too late.  
Hearing Audrey's body hit the floor made half of them scream and the other half look into the 
main part of the basement, and into the hallway, only too see Anna, but this wasn't Anna.  This
Anna had pale skin, black hair, and the most piercing black eyes that were so haunting it 
seemed they could drag you into hell by looking into them.  But a second later, no sooner, no 
less, she dissapeared.  In complete and utter shock, the remaining girls (Peyton, Sienna, Olivia
and Kitsune) back slowly up the stairs.

The lights went out, leaving them in complete darkness for barely a second, before 
turning back on, leaving a dark figure at the bottom of the stairs, and holding a sharp, cold,
metal knife.  Olivia wouldn't let anyone get hurt anymore.  She stood infront of the rest of the
frightened, shocked, and scared girls, and with her voice shaking she let out a small "Leave us
alone."  In the blink of an eye, the figure was right next to Olivia.  It stabbed her three times 
before she could even scream and stabbed the knife into the wall on the other side of the stairs.
Peyton dropped to her knees, crying, and hugging Olivia's dead body.  The figure looked at the
girls, have them a horrifying smile, (if you could call it that, it was a space that was a slightly 
darker black then the rest of it) and much like other times, it dissapeared.

Peyton, Sienna, and Kitsune ran to the bathroom as fast as they could.  They went in
and locked the door as fast as they could.  Peyton fell to the ground crying and sobbing, 
hoping it was a horrible nightmare and she would wake up soon.  "WE NEED TO CALL THE 
POLICE!" Sienna said.  "And tell them what Sienna?" Kitsune asked,  "That demons killed our
friends?  You know how that will work?  WE'LL GET ARRESTED OR PUT IN A MENTAL HOUSE 
OR SOMETHING!" she yelled.  "Then what the hell are we supposed to do?" Sienna asked, tears
now flowing freely down her cheeks.  "I DON'T KNOW DAMN IT! I just, I don't know."  Kitsune
said, sliding down the door and onto the floor, crying now too.  "Why don't we try to get rid of 
them ourselves?" Kitsune asked a while later.  "What?" Sienna asked.  Without answering, 
Kitsune opened the bathroom door, and motioned for Peyton and Sienna to follow her out.  
They slowly got up and walked into the hallway.  "Okay, we're going to run.  Run upstairs and 
then we'll figure something out okay?" Kitsune said shakily.  Kitsune ran out into the open part
of the basement, the other girls soon following, but when Peyton ran into the opening, it was as
if an invisible sword was placed at her neck, and her head came off with a horrible ripping 
sound, blood spilling everywhere.

Sienna let out an ear piercing scream and Kitsune was too shocked to speak.  They 
were just hoping it was a horrible nightmare and they would wake up soon.  Something got 
their attention to the hallway opening to see Anna, demonic, possesed, killer Anna.  She stared 
at Kitsune as if she was staring right into her soul, seeing everything she has ever done, and 
everything she was.  Blood started flowing out of Kitsune's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears as she
started convulsing.  The she fell to the ground dead, with blood soaking her dark brown anime
style pigtails.  Anna turned to look at Sienna who was backed againts the wall, terrified and in
shock.  Anna ran at Sienna, trying to choke her.  Sienna felt something poking at the back of her
leg.  It was the knife that the other figure shoved into the wall after it killed Olivia.  She quickly
reached for the knife and looked sadly into her old friend's eyes while shoving the cold piece of
meaningless metal into Anna's heart, before pushing her to the ground face first.

Sienna then heard police sirens coming her way.  It seemed only seconds later about 
5 policemen came running down the stairs.  "Oh my-" one of the police started to say when 
they saw all the bodies, blood, and Sienna shaking and covered in blood.  "NO! WAIT!" Sienna 
begged  "I, I, she was, I didn't kill them, I, THE DEMONS DID IT!" she stuttered out.  "The
demons, they came, and, and, killed them, my friends!  I mean, I killed her," Sienna pointed to
Anna, "She, she was possesed! She tried to kill me!  The demons, they got her!  Look! LOOK AT
HER! SHE'S NOT RIGHT! SHE, SHES PALE AND BLACK EYES AN-" before Sienna got to finish 
the police officers had flipped Anna over to see her normal brown eyes and regular tanish skin

With her parents nowhere to be found, they took Sienna to a mental institution after 
her ever persisstant story of demons possesing Anna and killing her friends.  "Its for the best 
of everyone" she overheard them say.  She sat there, on her cold, pathetic, simple bed, wearing
her cold, pathetic, simple clothes they gave her, and hugged her knees to her chest, just staring
blankly at the wall.  At about eleven at night, she reached over and turned off the light, and 
layed down, and fell into a deep sleep.  At exactly midnight the closet opened slightly, and if 
you or anyone were to peer very carfully into that closet you would have seen one demonic 
blurry figure, and demonic Anna, with her pale skin, black hair, and black eyes that seemed to 
peer into your soul, seeing what you have done, and who you are, as if you were in a horrible

© 2012 juba08

Author's Note

Hi, this is my first story so I'm sorry if it's bad, but please tell me what you think about it (even if you hate it), it would be really helpful :) Tell me how I could improve it and if you liked it or not and stuff that could help me be a better writer.
Thank you :)

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Added on July 10, 2012
Last Updated on July 10, 2012
Tags: paranormal, death, horrible, nightmare