The Yellow Rose Of Texas

The Yellow Rose Of Texas

A Chapter by Julie Estes

The Second Chapter to the rough draft of my Novel.


The night Danny cornered me in the kitchen came to an end with out any further encounters. Other than holding my hand periodically through out the movie. Unfortunate for us, our parents returned and our fun had to come to an end. Later that week my father James offered Danny a job working along side Jackson as a hand in the steel shop my father managed. The job consisted of hard manual labor, but was the perfect opportunity for two fifteen year old boys who were trying to save up money for their first vehicles.

        I was doing the normal summer activities for thirteen year old girls at the time. My days consisted of chores around the house, hanging out with my girlfriend Julie Downey, and anxiously awaiting my next meeting with Danny Daniels. Since he took the job working for my father, I wouldn’t have to wait long.

        Monday morning came bright and early for Danny and I both. It was around five in the morning when I heard a taping noise on my window. At first the noise startled me, and I was scared to move from bed, my fear kept me from pulling the curtain back to see who or what it was. Then as my mind emerged out of its grogginess I remembered that it was Danny’s first day to work. That must be him, I thought. Tap, tap, tap again on the window. I pulled the curtain back slowly to see Danny standing there.

        I slid the window open, to see the smiling face and green eyes I had dreamed about. He was wearing a light blue pair of jeans with holes in the knees, and a raggedy shirt. He was dressed appropriately for the work day ahead of him. “What are you doing Danny Daniels?” I asked, as I tried to keep from smiling. “I wanted to start my first day on the job off right.” He replied, as he brushed a strand of my unruly blonde hair away from my face. “By attempting to climb through my window at five in the morning? I don’t think so, if my father catches you leaving my room both of our days would end before it ever had the chance to start!” I explained in a whisper, as I looked over my shoulder towards my bedroom door. It was still closed, so apparently we had evaded capture so far.

I turned back to see the yellow rose in his hand. “What is this?” I asked, as he placed the yellow rose on my window seal. “It’s just a rose from your mom’s garden, but I saw it and it made me think of you. So… I picked it for you. Plus, I needed a reason to knock on your window.” Danny explained, as his fingers caressed my hand that had reached for the rose. The feel of his touch made me blush. I picked up the rose and smelt of it. “Thank you Danny, it’s beautiful!” I replied, as I looked up into those green eyes again.

“Just like you.” He stated, as his hand moved to caress my check. “Danny…” I said, as his face came closer to mine. “Shh!” He replied, still inching closer to my lips. “No! I have morning breath!” I exclaimed, in a whisper. “I don’t care.” He replied. I turned my head to the side at the last moment possible, forcing him to settle for a kiss on the cheek.

“Laney, you’re killing me here!” Danny exclaimed, with a smile still on his face. “Sorry, but that will have to do for now Danny. Now, you better go ring the doorbell before my father thinks you’re late for your first day.” I explained, as I moved back to slide my window shut. “That’s it?” He questioned, as he stammered back away from the window somewhat in surprise. “I give you a rose, and you give me a peck on the cheek?” He questioned again, still in disbelief. “What kind of girl did you take me for Danny?” I questioned jokingly, as I slid the window shut slowly. “I don’t think I’m going to answer that.” Danny replied, as he made his way through the front yard toward the front door.

Before Danny had a chance to ring the door bell, I pulled the front door open swiftly. I flung my arms around his neck, and pulled myself up to him so quickly he had no time to react. I pressed my lips against his. The heat of his mouth set the butterflies in my stomach off once again. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me tightly to him. His lips moved against mine for a brief moment, and then I pulled away. I could tell by the way he kept a tight hold around my waist that he wanted more, but we could not chance being seen.

“Thank you for the rose, I hope you have a great first day on the job.” I said, as he gave me a look of total shock. “Okay… maybe I shouldn’t have done that! Please, come in and I’ll let me Dad know you’re here.” I explained, as my mind raced with thought of regret and fear that I had been to forward. I turned to quickly escape down the hallway to my parents room to notify my father of his arrival.

Danny grabbed my arm before I could make the corner, and pulled me to him. “Well Laney you are just full of surprises! Do you promise to answer the door like that every morning when my Dad drops me off?” He questioned in my ear. His arms had made there way back around my waist, and once again I found myself at his mercy. I could feel his warm breath moving from my ear to my neck. He gently kissed my neck. “You have to stop Danny, Jackson in the shower… someone could walk out here and see us any minute.” I explained in a whisper, as he continued to kiss my neck, then my cheek. “Just one more, and then I’ll let you go.” He whispered again in my ear.

“Now you’re pushing it Danny!” I stated, as I tried to pull away. He tightened his grip. “Okay!” He replied, as his arms released my waist. His hands moved to embrace my face. He kissed my forehead gently, and then slowly released me. “That will have to get us both through until tonight.” He stated, as I stepped back from him. “Tonight? Are you staying the night here?” I questioned. “Yeah, it’s just easier if my Dad doesn’t have to bring me every morning on his way to work. Your dad and Jackson suggested I just stay here a couple evening in a row until I get my license next month.” Danny explained, as we heard a door in the hallway open.

My father appeared from out of the darkness. It seemed that the two of us standing in the entry way startled him slightly. “Danny, Laney, I didn’t hear the door bell?” My father questioned in surprise. “I knocked sir, I didn’t want to wake the whole house.” Danny quickly explained. “Oh’ yeah with Laney’s room being closest to the front of the house she deals with being woke up a lot.” My father replied. “Yeah… well I’d love to stay and chat, but I’d rather go back to bed.” I stated, as I anxiously made my way out of the room. “How polite of you Laney.” My father replied. “Dad, its Danny! I don’t have to be polite to Danny for crying out loud. We’ve known each other long enough that rudeness is accepted.” I explained, as I turned to shut the door to my room behind me.  

“That’s Laney. Can you tell she’s not a morning person?” My father stated to Danny. I rolled my eyes now in the confines of my own room. I heard Danny reply, “I know she hates being up early, I felt bad when she came to the door.” Their voices were moving further away from my room. They must have been heading to the kitchen for coffee.

 I was grateful Danny had stepped in quickly to answer my father. He knew I was a terrible liar, especially when it came to lying to my Dad. I heard my father change the subject to work, and climbed back in my bed relieved we hadn’t been found out. I reached for the rose lying on the window seal, and smelt of it again. I replayed our first kiss over and over in my head, until I drifted off to sleep again.


© 2010 Julie Estes

Author's Note

Julie Estes
Ignore grammar problems, I know they are there. If you read it at all please tell me what you think.. good or bad I can handle it!

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Julie Estes
Julie Estes

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