sydney terrace party girl

sydney terrace party girl

A Story by Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

i wrote this please ignore grammar etc,


The party.


The party was boring she really hadn't wanted to go. She only went tonight to please her best friend really that was her only one sane  good reason for being in this stuck up party full of wanna be trendy hippy look alikes. 

 " You will have fun her friend had said, you may even meet a man tonight!",

 she had shaken her head in utter disbelief at her friends bligh but well meaning remark,she had been burnt 3 months ago by a good for nothing two timing shadow of a man, that she had indeed loved not deeply but enough to hurt each day/night second for months on end.


So there she  stood with the  small boring loud crowd none of which interested her on the trendy cheaply and rather neglected potplanted inner city terrace verandah, her holding a red wine, that she had hardly touched, s**t she hated red wine she realized.


She put the glass down suddenly with a clink and walked out to the bar in the lounge room. Someone picked her drink up straight away as she left not caring of the germs that she left on her wine remnants. This disgusted her even more as they laughed as he picked up her glass and slurped it loudly.


The rented bar man gave her a  decidedly obvious out there wink as she sat precariously uneasily on the high bar stool.

What'll it be love?, he asked her softly, his deep blue eyes twinkling, he must be Irish she mused with those eyes, "   a coke thanks, I'm driving, and its getting late" she said weerily, yawning now.


He filled her  tall cheap glass  right to the brim and added 3 chunks of ice and it spilt on the bar mat as he put it down for her. She was past caring at this point.  She noticed her glass had a slight crack in it from a party not so long ago. She didn't mind this either at this late of hour, details meant  nothing now.


She also noticed his hands,  they were very nice tanned soft hands with well cut nails. Too nice for a rugged Irish man she thought giggling to herself.  He had no Irish accent so she realized he was indeed from the land downunder. 


There she sat sipping her coke on ice, feeling out of place and rather oblivious to the fact that there was a happy but waning  and rather drunkard party going on in the next room, she started looking at her watch it was now long way past 10. The music was softer now, when she had arrived at 7 pm it had been loud 80's genre now it was soft jazz which she loved. She actually wished the jazz was a bit louder now.

She yawned and looked back at the definitely down under unrugged bar man with the neat tanned hands. He was drying the glasses and stacking wine bottles and getting ready to go she realized now. He told her that he had been booked for this party till 11.30 on the dot!  He yawned tiredly and he poured himself a coke too. He spared the ice on his.


Here they were, two  bored as s**t people, strangers, at a whatever the hell  party they didn't want to be at.

"How long have u been a barman?" she asked him.

 He smiled as he answered carefully,  " About a year. I did the course just over a year ago and haven't stopped since".  he replied.

He was kinda cute she thought maybe not her type but definitely cute.

He was dressed in a  blackish bluish if not greyish tuxedo with a red bow tie. The white shirt was impeccably bleached white but a bit creased. (no wife or girlfriend she giggled to herself).

 Here she was sitting  precariously in red patent high heels which she had never once worn yet, buying them last week on impulse, sitting on a bar stool at a party she hated where she didn't know anyone and had no desire to actually and to top it off was  waiting for her friend to hurry up and finish her drink on the trendy loud potted verandah, and then she could drive her friend the party animal of the duo, home and  then eventually climb into her comfortable messy bed and listen to the Bondi waves literally as she fell asleep.


She was tired. She had worked all day and it was Friday the end  of a very long very  busy hard week, yawning again she sipped her coke. Hoping it would keep her awake for the 30 minute drive back to Bondi from Glebe.  Trendy Glebe. Trendy trendy glebe. Her friend had friends who knew friends of friends  from work who lived there in this trendy suburb and she was bored shitless tonight. 

 She would rather be home in her track pants sipping a Bacardi or chardy alone reading a book with chopin playing. She would rather be home tucked up in her messed up comfortable  bed in her old worn out satin nightie with holes in the tit bits where her n*****s could be seen by no one but herself. She would rather be home watching an old black and white cary grant or liz taylor or Marilyn munroe movie with a hot chocolate and tim tam than pretending to this Non Irish non rugged but definitely cute guy behind the bar that she was actually a party goer from Bondi.  she laughed at this thought her a party goer, these stillotos are freaking killing me as she kicked one off and loudly hit the bottom rail of the wooden bar.  The down under definitely not Irish rented bar man gave her a wicked smile as he heard her kick her shoe  off. He waited for the 2nd shoe but it never came. He liked that one shoe off one shoe on sorta gal. Yes very freaky very nice, he chuckled.


She thought shewould rather be naked lying in her bath with bubbles and candles and soft guitar music playing.

The  possibilities  were indeed endless than to end up in this s****y party that she didn't know anyone

She looked at the  rented Non Irish bar man he was studying her now.

Its like he could read her freakin mind. Its like he knew that she would rather be lying in the bath naked with soft guitarmusic.  (or maybe soft jazz she had as an afterthought). Its like he could read her Goddam mind all of a sudden..  

She tried not to look at him, but hey he was cuter than a young Mel Gibson she thought

"Hey penny for your thoughts", he said kindly to her.

" What?"  she said, still daydreaming of her goddam track pants and hot chocolate and Marilyn flick on the dvd.  

"Penny for your thoughts? what you dreaming about over there?" he repeated.

" Nothing.  Absolutely nothing I dont want to be at this stupid boring party!" she said rather distantly.

" Id rather be rather be rather be?" she stopped right there.

 she couldn't say it, she couldn't say that she would rather be lying naked in her bed, that would give him a leeway to her. That would give him a reason to chat to chat her up to get her all dated out and more again.

She replied smoothly back, "No I was just thinking of sleep."

" Really.??"  He said back to her grinning now.

"Yes Really sleep is what I need now!" she said agitated.

not believing her he replied cheekily  "whatever you say"!

"Cos actually,you had a kind of dreamy magical look on your face like you were lying on a deserted island or something with water around your or waves rather enjoying yourself I might add"

" Well yes that would be nice" she laughed.


This conversation was slow and getting no where he thought. So he gave up and turned his back even a bit rudely on her. She turned in her stool to see the party breaking up on the verandha. "Thank the Lord!" she muttered under her breath.

He turned back to her and said "What"?


"Thank the Lord I can go home" she repeated to him" look the parties finishing", retrieving her shoe and putting it back on her left foot a bit swollen and ready to bleed she thought as she examined her toes one by one.


"Oh no!" he said cheekily " its actually all just beginning, Ill run you a bath if you like."

he said with a grin  his mouth the size of Tasmania to Chinatown exposing his whiter than whiter probably bleached professionally set of perfectly aligned perfect perfect teeth.

"What did you just say to me?", she exclaimed surprisedly baffled and quite wide awake now it seemed he noticed. She had perked up decidedly well.

he repeated the words again to her  her ears ringing in disbelief as  he said "ill run you a bath if you like?"

"You see"  he said "After my bar course I studied for fun really how to read peoples minds on the net as a hobby and  in my minds eye or in your minds eye ha ha I saw you in that bath and my my you were a sight."

  Oh come on don't show me that perfect smile again  she thought as she felt wobbly and all weak at the knees even though she was still perched high on the chair but he did he smiled and she smiled back, more to her dismay she realized she was smiling right back at his weird remark about him running her a bath, how insane was she at this moment!! she wasn't even drunk she was completely and utterly sober.

She blushed

she laughed, he laughed again

he was kinda cute she thought

"My bath is a spa bath" he said, as he dryed and placed the last glass on the shelf above his head.

"oh ok" she said stifling a nervous cough and half laughing at the same time, not realizing that indeed he meant it, he wanted to run her a bath one day, if not tonight.

Suddenly he leant over and kissed her right cheek and said in her right ear,

"and I also have hot chocolate and tim tams in the fridge and old black and white movies and also bubble bath and trackpants", he said seriously

"what size are they ? "she said naturally  as they left the building at half eleven right on time he thought.


post script (ps)


The party was not so boring after all she thought, as she followed him home that night

her friend will have to get a lift with one of her snobby friends I hope shes gets home alright she thought.  

So there they sat all night and into the wee hours, watching old black and white movies and sipping hot chocolate and eating tim tams and the spa bath was not used, that's for another date she winked. HE had been the perfect gentleman she thought.

"It  can wait he said, its not going anywhere and neither am I," as he kissed her left side unkissed cheek again.

"So when do we kiss on the lips", she asked him her big blue eyes blowing him away like the first time she had looked at him as she ordered her coke earlier that night.

he replied "when we have our spa bath together on our 3rd date", he said grinning to her " I like to take things a bit slow" he added.

"More tim tams tomorrow night though?," he stated,

"sure its a date !" she said smiling at her winking barman look alike young Mel Gibson who had absolutely without a doubt NO irish accent in sight and no rugged down under looks but the neatest Goddam cuticles she had ever laid eyes on and the deepest biggest blue eyes to match her own, they would have cute kids she realized.

He read her mind and said the same to her, awwww that's romance for you!



pss.ahh aint love grand.


psss. ahh yes it is my love he replied. but you didn't know what I said she said to him.

Yes I did you said aint love grand as you sighed, no I didn't I thought it,

well there you go aint love grand he said.

she agreed wholeheartedly with her new love. Love is grand.

He said as they parted on their first date, "we will have cute blue eyed kids" you and me.

she had tears in her eyes as she drove home that morning. She had found love at a party

A party that she hadn't enjoyed had turned into the most memorable night of her life after.


He texted her as she arrived home that morning. the text read "home sweet home? let me know if you are safe? "

she said in her text back " join me for a swim at 2.30pm ill see you then xxx"

she slept well her life had just begun.


end of story

 well not really just the beginning really she grinned as she put on her old satin worn out nightie with the tit bits see throughing through the worn out sheer material, for no one but him to see on her spa date her third date. she couldn't wait.  Maybe its time to buy a new nightie she giggled for her Non Irish rugged I mean non rugged good looking blue eyed Mel Gibson  when young look alike with the manicured brown soft hands. Yes a new nightie for him to see her in. Not forgetting his perfect white sparkly teeth.

Aint love grand she said  aloud with her put on Irish accent.

"Yes it is my dear", he replied instantly by text.


The end. finally.


 and of course the beginning finally for her and him.



guess where they honeymooned

it wasn't france, it was yes the land of the wee leprechaun. (That's in Irelend in case you mightn't know.)




the end. finally you sigh.!












the end.




© 2017 Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

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You made me smile dear Julie. A wonderful story shared. I liked the fun had by the young lady. Thank you for sharing the amazing tale.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

1 Year Ago

Thanks John
Hope you are well
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

You are welcome dear Julie. I am well and I hope you are having some fun and staying safe.
I guess everybody else has said it. It's a rambling piece with no clear storyline. Yeah, boy meets girl, but that's it. No twist, no gimmick, just writing that relies on itself and the talent of the author to keep the reader interested!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

2 Years Ago

Thanks for your honest review
Yes it’s a very simple happy ending story
Thanks aga.. read more
I liked it and enjoyed reading this love story. The end was really good. Thanks and keep writing!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

4 Years Ago

Wow thanks
For your review
sigh !! i loved it,great write and you considered deleting it !

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

4 Years Ago

What’s it called
This comment has been deleted by the poster.

4 Years Ago

oops the cat is out of the bag
A great read, classic love story and a sweet ending.

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

5 Years Ago

Thanks so much for stopping by
Classic tale, classically told. I love the rambling thoughts so well rendered.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

5 Years Ago

Thanks so much
That means a lot was going to delete it
Chuckling here... Grammar counts whether we admit or not BUT... so does story and intent.

This was a Classic Movie... Bogart era fun. A day's dream in the play of a true mind's "She said, he said, she said, then he said...til time and heat intertwined."

Posted 5 Years Ago

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

5 Years Ago

Thanks so much I appreciate your advice and review
all reviews welcomed all reviews welcome

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

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