Clean and Bright

Clean and Bright

A Poem by john l smith



Clean and Bright


The slimy wee slug had no nice place to play

She was stuck in the muck most every day

She went to her mother and during a hug

Asked why was she always covered in gug


Her Mother said that was what slugs were to do

And why it was that way she had simply no clue

The Great Slug in the sky set it up this way

He intended all slugs to be slimy each day


But the Wee One was wiser than just any slug

And would not accept answers with only a shrug

She went to her computer with a faint gleam of hope

And stumbled onto a product called soap


Next day at slug school she gave her teacher a shout

And asked her what this soap stuff was all about

Teacher usually answered every question was asked

But with a confused look, on this one, she passed


Slug realized then, teacher was also covered in slime

It was all over her body all of the time

In fact, the whole school looked as disgusting as she

Each class of students was incredibly slimy


The young slug felt things had to change

And this was something she’d set off to arrange

Down to the print shop she took her new cause

It was there her idea was met with applause


She had the slug printer produce a sheet

That informed slugs how to wash and be neat

The answer, said the info, was in a product called soap

And even the slimmest slug had good reason for hope


Next day at slug school all eyes looked toward

The soap information on the school bulletin board

How you mixed it with water and rubbed it all round

And the dirt simply poured off, onto the ground


Then at filthy slug schools scattered all over the land

From that day forth, soap was in constant demand

A bubble bath each morning became the talk of slug town

The verb ‘clean’ became so popular, it turned into a noun


Because of a wee slug with one yucky mug

Cleanliness now ensures all slugs have a real hug

They now hold hands as they spark in the park

And slugs no longer spend so much time in the dark


The wee slug has become a celebrity of note

She vacations each summer on her brand new sailboat

She now dresses her mother in the finest of clothes

And slugs the world over now all smell like a rose



© 2019 john l smith

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Wow Dave,
Almost makes me want to be a slug (well . . . not all that much I guess). One could say this poem is a real "Slugfest."

Posted 7 Months Ago

john l smith

7 Months Ago

Thanks Tom
It does make the concept of cuddling up to a slug a bit more palatable!
Wel.. read more
Smiled the entire time! Loved it. You know how to show your readers a good time.

Posted 7 Months Ago

john l smith

7 Months Ago

Thanks Margie
I think they are using 'Ivory" which should also increase their value
Da.. read more
Macy F

7 Months Ago

So cute! The soap that floats.
This comment has been deleted by the poster.

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Added on March 13, 2019
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