declared worthless

declared worthless

A Poem by noel potter

written about a close friend who lost his life inside the prison system,,

       IN MEMORY OF A FRIEND       
        JAN. 26, 1995........... 
      I'm not a criminal 
    I've got a problem with alcohol, 
    a murder was committed 
    and I took the fall....... 

    Blacked out and dont remember 
    the events of the night before, 
    but coming to in a pair of cuffs 
    and the slamming of a cell door... 

    The judge read off the charge 
    that led to my arrest, 
    He shook his head and said 
   Son, you have failed at lifes big test.... 

   A unanimous decision of guilty 
   thats whay the juror read, 
   a tear spilled down my  face 
   as I realized what was said.... 

   I was sentenced to death 
   by lethal ejection, 
   they said I was a cause 
   of societies infection..... 

   My last few hours alive 
   spent with my family brokened hearted, 
   knowing it wouldn't be much longer 
   before I'd be departed..... 

   After my family was led away 
   I was strapped to the gurney, 
   the facts weren't even presented 
   cause I sold out by my attorney,,,,, 

   Once wheeled into the chamber 
   they opened the blue curtian, 
   and all the faces I seen 
   had looks that were un-certian...... 

   After the poison was injected 
   my body started to convusle, 
   and fifteen minutes later 
   my body had no pulse..... 

   As the preacher stood over me 
   he said, Lord, what a mess, 
   He should have been given a chance 
   instead of being declared worthless...... 

© 2011 noel potter

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I really liked this poem. Good rhyming, only a few punctuation mistakes.

Please review back and mark this review constructive!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 1, 2011
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noel potter
noel potter

danville, KY

i have been writing about my life experiences since 1995, i started writing as a stress reliever while in solitary confinement in the indiana department of corrections, i have several poems that i wil.. more..

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