Mother Nature: A Different Perspective

Mother Nature: A Different Perspective

A Poem by Frankie

A poem about the enviroment.


Mother Nature:

A Different Perspective


I've been called many things, like wild and untamed

And over the years I've done my best to behave

I thought I was doing well, but now you uproot me

Like I'm a child on timeout for being too naughty


I feel like I'm dying, feel my energy leaking

As you strip me and rid me, can't you see that I'm weakening?

Every swing of an axe, every chop of a tree

Feels like you're taking away a part of me


I'm filled with glorious memories of past days

When I was strong and I was powerful, but you're taking it all away

I gave you gifts, like medicines and cures

And now you repay me by taking it all for yours


The animals call for me, crying pleas of distress

Whilst you destroy their homes without a single regret

The choppingof the rainforests, the oils in the sea,

The melting of the icecaps, please just listen to me!


Soon I'll be naked, barren of all I had

I'll be shivering in the cold, if cold could still be considered bad

Because Global Warming will be there and the earth will be a desert

And maybe then will you feel remorse for all the land you have hurt


The animals are dying, in more ways than you think

Either they're poached first or their home is beginning to shrink

And the lands that were once bountiful, beautiful and big

Are rapidly being destroyed, down to the very last twig


The oceans will rise, after the icecaps are all gone

They'll be no more trees to steal your air from

No more animals to hunt, no more plants to eat

And at last, all you humans will finally see defeat


So when my last tree falls, chop! Or my last bird calls, squawk!

Ask yourself, is this the future to which you have doomed us all?




© 2012 Frankie

Author's Note

This was done for a poetry contest my writing club is doing at school, for kids aged 11-18 called the 'Poetry Games,' (as you may have guessed it's based off the Hunger Games.)

You have to write about something you want to fight for or against, e.g, the enviroment, Law, Politics, African famine and drought, Equal rights, etc. Basically, major world issues, or just something that's personal to you. Just don't do what someone else in my writer's club did, which was write a poem fighting for an 'Eigth Harry Potter book.' It was a good poem, but not exactly something people would want to fight for. I haven't been in the club long, but apparently she centers all her work around Harry Potter.

Anyway, it's really funny, because it says CHOOSE YOUR ARENA, all Hunger Games like, and gives you options like Law, Politics, Equal Rights, the Enviroment, etc, and then says CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS, and says things like Alliteration, or Personification, or Onamatapaea, (I have no idea how to spell that.) Ah, it's just funny.

Everyone who enters gets a bookmark, the good poems get published into a book, the twelve finalists get a Kindle, and the ultimate winner gets and iPad. Basically, it's worth doing. I would give you the link to the website, but I can't find it. I did manage to, but can't find it again, so you might get to it. I'm not sure if it's just for the UK or if it's international. I think it's just for the UK, but I may be wrong.

So have a go! And tell me what you think. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I'm always looking for ways to improve. :)


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Added on September 22, 2012
Last Updated on September 22, 2012
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