the Possibility of Doing Nothing

the Possibility of Doing Nothing

A by Justice

            Friends, be not deceived. This trivial matter of doing nothing has greater importance than meets the eye.  The importance lies in its simplicity and connection to greater concepts. The thought of doing nothing is an abstraction, this is its importance. The fact that it’s an abstract concept relates it to the most important issues of humanity such as: love, justice, morals, and the purpose of life. Why study “not being able to do nothing” instead of those concepts people pursue their whole lives? Simply because of its simplicity, it is a related concept that is easy to grasp. It teaches you how to solve and understand abstractions. Without abstract thinking humans can only process concretely experienced ideas. Now let us begin to understand the complexities of our abstract world.

            The first level of thought is aimed at a biological level. When some one stops moving and holds their breath the heart still beats, Blood still flows through their veins, they still live. So it seems that death ends the argument. Even in death we do. Our bodies break down, gases are released. Now we know that through our natural course of life we are always doing something.

            The second level of thought involves science and the extremes of possibility. The act of embalming would stop decomposition to an extent. Despite the minuscule amount of decay that sets in there is a final reason. Our very atoms move and act. At the very base of our structure humans must act, it’s simply impossible for us to do nothing. The final question in this argument asks about absolute zero. (This is a theory that when something is cooled to 0 degrees Kelvin,     -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, all the atoms stop moving.) If a human was cooled to this temperature it appears as if they could in fact do nothing. No one knows what really happens at absolute zero, the particles could stay in place or fall apart dispersing into the universe. Either way the particles are holding a form or falling through the universe due to gravity. Every particle also exerts an amount of gravity on everything close enough. In addition, absolute zero is not a naturally occurring phenomenon.

            In conclusion this proves that humans are incapable of doing nothing. The very base building blocks of a human being are always in motion. A human being is always moving onward, to something, to something that involves action.


© 2009 Justice

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this was for an english classs

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Hey! This was really good and a thought provoking read! I was very much so immersed in the prose that I forgot to read constructively so, when I was through, I read through it again and I caught one or two tiny things that didn't really detriment it for me but, since I read that you prefer the truth in reviews, which is normally how I review anyways, I'll just leave these here and I hope they're helpful!
1. The sentence "Now let us begin to understand the complexities of our abstract world." Try tossing in a comma after the 'Now' so it doesn't read like its rushed. So it would be "Now, let us begin to understand...."
2. The sentence "The first level of thought is aimed at a biological level." Repetition of words is something I have a problem with working around too, but I would suggest finding another way to word this so it doesn't seem so repetitive. It didn't really bother me as much, though, its just something that stood out to me.
3. The sentence "Our bodies break down, gases are released." Try chunking out the comma and adding in an "and" in its place so it reads "Our bodies break down and gases are released". Unless that comma was on purpose and you tossed it in for dramatic effect, in which case, then its totally fine! :)
I'd also suggest adding in a short blurb for what the whole idea of this is about. I caught onto it easily, but a preview to draw in more readers, I found, works in the writer's favor. In any case, this was a thoroughly thought provoking read and I really, really enjoyed it! Very, very, very well done! :):)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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