Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

A Poem by J.V. Stanley

A poem I was commissioned to write for a friend as a Father's Day present


Hand in Hand 

My small hand holds tight to your fingertips, 
strong hands that give a light squeeze
as you introduce me to the night. 
We watch as stars and ancient times roll past. 
Primordial glimmers of light watching us 
as constant as the love of a father, 
as constant as Daddy’s little girl. 
We watch as Pegasus flies by;
upon its winged splendor time reaches out. 
I listen with intent as you point out Andromeda, 
and speak of how her beauty was unmatched 
until I was born to take her place. 
The Sculptor, the Phoenix, Aquarius…
they fall like the leaves, 
colors a mottled rainbow 
as the darkness fades to light. 
Gently you lift me, my head curled into your neck 
gently you rock me until I’m asleep. 

And within those tender moments I recall 
we continue along our path, 
always together…my daddy, you and I….

My small hand holds tight to yours, 
fingers barely lacing, 
mine swallowed within yours. 
You walk with me, 
patient, as I skip along kicking up rocks.
You guide my heart
guard my life- 
my sentinel, my hero. 
You raise your finger and point to the heavens. 
my breath a frigid cloud, I watch. 
Upon a bank of snow we sit, 
safely bundled, immune to the cold, 
you hold me close, recalling the story of 
Orion the hunter and Taurus the bull, 
of Cancer and the Beehive cluster.
As my head rests soft upon your chest. 
the sound of your heartbeat lulls me into a half-sleep 
as you tell me of Gemini , the patron of sailors, 
of how you’d do more than share immortality 
as Pollux had Castor-
you’d give your life. 
Carefully you lift me, carry me to bed,
where I slumber with your dreams swimming in my head. 

And upon when I wake from morning’s call, 
we will continue along our path, 
always together…my daddy, you and I…

My hand has grown, laced within your own. 
Tighter you hold me, afraid to let go 
as we walk, you guard my heart and guide my life, 
my sentinel, my savior. 
You look to the heavens and swear you see me there, 
surrounded by the scent of earth and dew.
You speak of Corona Borealis, the crown of heaven, 
and swore one day I would outshine its royalty. 
You tell me of Hercules and Leo, 
of how like him-you slay the prowling lions-
that come beckoning at our door in search of me. 
One of many trials a father faces for the sake of love for a daughter. 
As the dark begins to break into morn, 
you lead me into what lies ahead. 

And upon when the shadows break within the light 
I promise that we will continue along our path, 
always together…my daddy you and I…

My hand always laces within yours 
and rests like a petal within your palm
despite how much I’ve grown. 
As we walk through the chorus of crickets 
breaking the stillness of the night, 
you whisper softly to me, 
my father, my guiding light, 
the man who has centered me, 
taught me wisdom, and understanding.
You tell me of Lyra and Aquila, 
of how the sound of that lyre cannot compare
to the beauty that is captured within my laughter,
that my dreams will outfly that of the soaring eagle, 
and well beyond the heavens. 
Yet again Pegasus slowly graces us 
as you lead me to where the path diverges. 
Time reaches out to grasp my ringed hand 
while softly you whisper ‘I love you’, 
giving my hand one last squeeze before I take flight.

..and every time the dark reaches out, 
I wander out into the night 
and gaze into the heavens.
I reach for the comfort of your hand-
my savior, my sentinel always close by. 
Whisper soft, you grasp my fingertips
and I listen to those old stories with the same youthful wonder. 
Always together, always my daddy, 
forever your little girl, am I. 

© 2012 J.V. Stanley

Author's Note

J.V. Stanley
Poem is mine, images are not, but they are by very talented artists (YAY GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH). I give credit where credit is due, all awesome photos, not my work, and for the life of me I can't remember where I nabbed these from. They go so well with the poem though.

photo 1 retrieved from: crap! I don't know!
photo 2 retrieved from: http://paveweddingsbynicole.wordpress.com/page/2/
photo 3 retrieved from: archangel-images.com
photo 4 retrieved from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/captureyou_nz/3510890211/

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The way you design this verse...in the sections --- that a reader must observe from a distance as this comes to life...a one on one with a father and daughter...expels from one to another in a well knitted format...the usage of the constellation does each time --- in each its unique way to bring this altogether in a final testimony...

Posted 7 Years Ago

Your poem gave me a window to look through that I had to share I hope everyday is "quality " for you, Thank you in advance, Courts words.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Never walked her down the isle ,but the boys did come , all had turned to young men,
strong true not a loser in the crew,she had us wrapped around her fingers ,her smiles and heart honest true,and the flowers, layered ,held up the song ,a flute and guitar,
blended,and then held silent to bow for the father to sing Adelvice.And their was not a eye dry as the young men carried Courtney from the church

Posted 8 Years Ago

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J.V. Stanley
J.V. Stanley

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