A Story by k.d.

Even more scary


 She was asking to be killed. She knew what she was doing. I was going to have to kill her anyway if she had kept this up any longer. I mean what was she think she doing? She knew that she would die violentely, but she still carried on as if it was her mission to get killed. I took the trian home, not that far. I stepped inside and smelled the fowlest of smells that I have ever smelled coming from a train. It was the smell of death. I looked to my right, I looked to my left. Noone was noticing the stench, much less talking to one another.
 I slipped quietly down the hallway and stepped in the bathroom. In here the smell was worse, like whatever was giving off the odor was in the room itself. I turned around and looked in the mirror. The reflection of a bloody, mangled corpse was looking back at  me.
 I screamed. I opened the door and ran out of there. Going down the hallway, and off the train, I was still letting out as much sound as I could. It was only then that I had relized my brutal mistake. The police would be coming quickly, to see what had happended. I had to get out of here now and fast. No time to go over what had happened in my head until later. I took off like a bullet, running this way and that. anyone could have seen that I was deathly afraid. Just afraid that I was going to get caught. I had to slow down now as I saw them coming this way, flocking to the scene of the crime. They were far away that they wouldn't even guess that I had had a hand in this brutality. The only way that I would have even had a hand though, was that girl had done this. Yes, she had murdured that "thing" on the train. It would be all over the news tomorrow, I was sure. I had to catch my breath, sit down somewhere and not be noticed. I noiced a small cafe to my right. I went in and picked a seat, in the farthest corner. I had made sure that I was nowhere near any bathroom doors. My mind was racing, back through what had all just happened. I jumped whe the waiter came over and asked wat I had wanted. I looked quickly at the menu. My choice was a oatmeal-raisian cookie and a large cup of coffee, I needed some caffiene to awaken and sharpen my focus. I grabbed a newspaper, from that day actually. I rarely ever come across a cafe that gets the paper every day. Good to know, good to know. I had finished reading about the freak-accidents occuring in Oregan (funny), when I had got my order. The cookie was warm, and the coffee was nice and scolding hot. Just this morning, I was sitting at my breafast table wondering what I should do today. It was funny how my plans for a nice day of shopping had turned out like this. Then she came walking up to my door and started asking all those questions. I don't like nosy people, they creep me out. I ate the cookie and drank the coffee. When it looked like the place was clear of cops, I decided to take that chance and leave. I looked back the way I had come from. Paramedis, cops, firefighters, any authority that was available was surrounding the area. Well, it looked like they had found the body. Boy, had that freaked me out. I wasn't sure that I was going to leave my house for a week. I started to walk home, there was no chance I was getting on a different train.

As I was walking home, I saw her. The girl was stupid enough to show her face here. Why would she dare come to face me, considering the fact that I am not too happy with her at the moment. She walked up to me and said very softly," Hey."
One word I tell you, just one word was all I needed to go over the edge. I yelled at her, saying things like," How could you do that to me?, and:" Who was that in there?"
By the time I was finished my face was all red, and I was gasping for air. " I'm sorry, I never intended to-"
" Never intended to do what?" I interuppted.
" Never wanted things to end this way. I had to follow orders. If I didn't, more people would be dead right now."
" So? Go find someone that will help you. Do something instead of following those damn orders all day."
" Thing is, I can't?"
" Why can't you?"
" I can't because he said that he would find me and kill me."
" He is weak!" I shouted. " He cannot do anything. I saw him, he was barely able to stand. you only think he is powerfull because when you see him he is always sitting down."
We stood there for a while doing nothing. I considered helping her, while she considered taking it. I was the first to speak," Come to my place, I can get you out of here before anyone notices."
" I guess I could stay for a little while."
We walked back to my house. When we were only a couple blocks away, crossing the street, a loud screeching noise hit our ears. It was a semi truck coming straight at us. In a matter of seconds it would crush us under it's weight. Crunching our bones, squishing flesh into the ground. Oh man was this going to hurt. surely this is the end. We die, everyone else goes on with their lives. That's the cycle of life: Just keep living. Five, four, three, two.

© 2010 k.d.

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