5. Veracity

5. Veracity

A Chapter by Katherine Enma Pineapple


n. any body which gives light



“Chrishalyn!” Gino yelled angrily as he ran across the halls and ends up in what appears to be a training room. Chrishalyn turned her head to look at Gino and smiled. “You forged your master’s sword didn’t you?”


“So what if I did?” Chrishalyn smirked.


“She didn’t have that sword yesterday so that means you gave it to her just as we were about to spar!” Gino exclaimed. “She could have killed me!”


“I’m a servant and I live to serve my master,” Chrishalyn merely explained, “What’s use is my power over metal if I can’t use it to serve her?”


“She cut through my armor.” Gino growled. “There’s no other sword that can do that!”


                Gino’s vision slowly returned as he opened his heavy eyelids. He groaned as he tried remembering what had just happened to him. He turned and examined his surroundings. He was guessing he was in a guest room for the room looked like it was left untouched for a while. The faint smell of a new room had tickled his nose.


Just who’s house is this?


“Loki, go check on Gino! He’s supposed to be awake by now!” Jewel? Was this Jewel’s house? Gino thought as he tried sitting up. The covers fell from his shoulders as he did that.


“I’m busy!”


“Well I’m feeding Freya here!”


Gino heard footsteps. They were getting louder and stopped when he saw a shadow through the slits of the white wooden door across his bed. The door opened to reveal no other than Loki.


“You’re awake?” Loki smirked as Gino raised a brow and tried to get off of bed. A painful surge of electricity filled his body as he collapsed back to the bed.


“Don’t bother,” Loki scratched his head as he approached the man. “This is my house.”


Gino glared at him as he approached. Gino sat up, not trying to get out of bed.


“What do you want?” He frowned.


“I want you to heal Chrishalyn,” Loki explained nonchalantly. Gino’s eyes widened.


“Chrishalyn’s alive?!” He gasped.


“Yes she is,” Loki glared at Gino and approached him. He spoke in a voice no louder than a whisper. “She wasn’t supposed to be right? Because the heads wanted her dead right? Now I want to ask you why she’s supposed to be.”


“I heard of her master,” Loki continued, “If he’s dead isn’t she supposed to be free?”


“She is,” Gino avoided the other man’s gaze, “But she’s under the suspicion of trying to control the family.”



© 2012 Katherine Enma Pineapple

Author's Note

Katherine Enma Pineapple
Tell me if there's anything you want to clarify or anything

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Wew... Jewel x Loki dude
lolz,,, just kidding

Posted 8 Years Ago

Katherine Enma Pineapple

8 Years Ago

legasp :DDDD lol they'd probably just nurse their baby Chrisha here with lots and lots of loveeee :D.. read more
Rhianne Ney

8 Years Ago

Very well written with a lot of confusion and suspense! Well done!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Anonymous Girl

8 Years Ago

No its not overwhelming but the confusion is in a good way. Its okay :)
Katherine Enma Pineapple

8 Years Ago

thank you for telling me, just being cautious I will be writing the next one within this week
Anonymous Girl

8 Years Ago

Okay :)
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She cut through my armor.” Gino growled. “There’s no other sword that can do that!” LOL Loved that part! The chapter was great 100/100

Posted 8 Years Ago

Katherine Enma Pineapple

8 Years Ago

lol thanks XD Finally resisted the urge to write about Jewel, if I did the story won't make sense an.. read more

8 Years Ago

no problem! :D

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