The Luxury of a Hero

The Luxury of a Hero

A Story by Katherine Enma Pineapple

A poetic story of an antagonist's remorse


The vexing police sirens ringing in my ear

Exasperating clangs of the cuffs in my wrists

Protagonists’ smiling faces are forever my peeves

Twas sadistic Lady Luck for me to grapple these


Shamelessly defeated by dimwits

Left to grovel in a seat beside the authorities

Ne’er to chance upon a happy ending

What a sad, sad life I chose to live


“Scum of the Earth” they say,

Abysmal excuse of a human I am

Yet as I sit, captive of the heroes of humanity

Does garbage like me deserve them fairytale endings?


Now leaning on a cold, stony cell wall

Couldn’t help but let remorseful tears fall

A cold hearted villain, ‘tis what I am

A dark abyss is the habitat which befits me


An antagonist all the way

Dwelling in this boundless obscurity

Perhaps scum like me deserve a jovial end

I silently yearn for a ray of light to shine my way


“I hope that a hero, a hero would save my day

And free me from the grave I repressed myself in,”

© 2013 Katherine Enma Pineapple

Author's Note

Katherine Enma Pineapple
an impulsive write as I was inspired by an episode of Sket Dance

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Inspired by Himeko-chan, aren't you?
The episode itself was funny and inspiring, that I almost--ALMOST-- cried since I never thought of it that way.
But it was profound and a great inspiring episode.
This poem though impulsive manage to catch the essence of the episode (:
Hahaha*nose bleeding*

Posted 9 Years Ago

Katherine Enma Pineapple

9 Years Ago

Rhianne Ney

9 Years Ago

Rhianne Ney

9 Years Ago

Welcome back

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Added on March 29, 2013
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Katherine Enma Pineapple
Katherine Enma Pineapple

Somewhere out there in the rainbow, The Rainbow, Philippines

I LOVE GOD Hi guys :) I'm back~ Nyaha~ I'll be busy with college entrance exams and scholarship applications though :< I'll drop by time to time :) more..