A Spark Doused

A Spark Doused

A Poem by Katherine Enma Pineapple

Is it funny that...
I want to stop believing in the beautiful sunsets
That used to glitter my eyes
Making be whisper
Life is really beautiful?

Is it funny that...
The glow in my eyes slowly dies
Slowly refusing myself to the lights
In the dark, only I saw
Dim might they be?

Is it funny that...
A child like me saw the world pretty
No matter how ugly it might be
A child like me sees the world ugly
No matter how pretty it might be

Is it funny that...
The hand that clung to hopes
Hopes everyone mocked
Finally got tired
Of the bruises it gained when it held on?

Is it funny that...
The optimistic fire that raged inside me
That burned even through the storms
Is dead

© 2013 Katherine Enma Pineapple

Author's Note

Katherine Enma Pineapple
It's a sad sad day when somebody finally kills the fire in a hopeful's heart

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it's not funny at all, it's reality!
I find it ironic that every time we put more firewood to our optimistic life, there will always someone or somthing will put the fire out... but that doesn't mean we choose to give up, we keep on firing it up for its a choice for us to survive...

amazing piece little sis...
miss you....
see you soon!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Katherine Enma Pineapple

7 Years Ago

There really are people like that and perhaps, sometimes, it makes you believe the fire really died... read more

7 Years Ago

your welcome... it's nice to see you around... :)
Katherine Enma Pineapple

7 Years Ago

awww thank you kuya~

Mild depression gets to me sometimes ;)
phenomenal piece of work here...

the philosophical questions raised as youth grows up and finds life to be a bust..the cynical attitude, the jaded adult wonders where that youthful hope disappeared..

nice wording.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Katherine Enma Pineapple

7 Years Ago

Thank you for your awesome review. My reply can't do it justice~ Sorry~ Thank you so much :)

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Katherine Enma Pineapple
Katherine Enma Pineapple

Somewhere out there in the rainbow, The Rainbow, Philippines

I LOVE GOD Hi guys :) I'm back~ Nyaha~ I'll be busy with college entrance exams and scholarship applications though :< I'll drop by time to time :) more..