A Fraud Trip Offer to Japan

A Fraud Trip Offer to Japan

A Chapter by kahlipark

Isn’t it nice to win a travel spree to Japan, Singapore, Spain or other travel-worthy countries? However, the trip wouldn’t be an enjoyable one if it isn’t a legitimate travel award.

Travelling is a leisure activity that can bring happiness to any individual. But it could turn into a disaster if the chance to travel is just a part of a scam. Tourism boards from various countries released a warning statement for cautionary measures to both local and international travelers about the fraudulent offers.

There were certain reports of a scam that troubled a lot of travelers. The victims were made to believe that they won thousands of dollars’ worth of travel spree. Those who frequently travel or planning to go on a vacation should be aware of this fraud offer before agreeing to take it.

Rip-off travel offers

According to the complaint of the victims, they received an online message which told them that won a thousand worth of travel spree. This travel offer comes in a form of pop-up message. The scam involves getting all the necessary personal details of the victims.

The victims were also requested to give out their phone number so they can claim the prize. After a few minutes, the people behind the scam calls the numbers that were given by the victims. A lot of travelers are at risk of this kind of fraud because they are enticed to claim the award immediately so they won’t miss their chance.

About the scam

Since the victims were obliged to redeem their prize, they were lured to open a link to a website that shows the itinerary for the travel package they supposed to win. Once the link is clicked, a form that needs to be filled out shall be filled with the required details. The travel date, flight details, and other information regarding the travel itinerary should also be answered. The victims were deceived to have a chance to go on a trip to Japan which is one of the famous tourist spots.

The criminals behind the fraud travel offer take advantage of the victim’s willingness to redeem their prize. They fooled the travelers to spend more dollars on airfare and unnecessary upgrades for the accommodation. They even offer other travel package options that require additional fees.

They entice the travels to finish the transaction by telling about the supposed worth of the package.  The travelers were made to believe that they are getting great deals and big discounts on the offer. It all sounds very good, especially to naïve travelers who just want to enjoy the time they will be spending on their vacation. The victims were unaware of the money they were losing because they spent more than the actual worth of the travel package.

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a nice one...but should enhance your words and expressions...

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