Frowning Roads

Frowning Roads

A Story by Kajal Gulabani

Last week I made a quick visit at a science exhibition displaying creative ideas of the zestful science students of an exalted varsity. Throwing short glances all over, one particularly interesting project stole my attention. It was a traffic signal with RED light swanking its flashing smile. My inquisitive nerve kept knocking the doors of my brain until the charming, spectacled girl explained the reason of that smile.
'In almost every nook and corner of metropolitan cities, these red traffic lights are rejoicing their long respites. With ever-growing traffic and mammoth sized jams, our beloved red lights are having a ball and glowing away in glory', What a lucid reply by a rational thinker ! 
An established fact and an irksome issue of the recent times- Traffic Jams, is taking a toll on each one of us. Be it any major segment of the country, these jamming of roads are as antagonising as the long waiting sessions at the signals. Or should I say, antagonising for many, convenient for few? Wink!wink! Of course yes, CONVENIENT. A geeky young boy taking a heroic entrance in his boss's office and conveniently blaming the traffic for appearing late for an interview (God only knows the real reason, apart from him). Highly flamboyant glam and lit fest(s) sizzling the stage just when they were actually about to end and who else can be accused if not these blood sucking traffic jams? 
Well, for few escapists, the problem can not be escaped. It is so nerve breaking that even a drive to a mega mart for mere sev mamra (munching) or veggies can ooze out every blood vessel out of you. I remember leaving my pad around 12ish for girls lunch and reaching at 1.15pm. Holy crap! I would rather prefer a lunch on four wheels than in an air conditioned grub hub. Not only this, the cacophony of honking horns decimate even the delight of radio mirchi. So driving with no music jamming, but,with road jamming SUCKS big time. 
Many a times this moulds into serious glitches. In spite of most accurate time management, a parent becomes a victim of abject dismay by being late for parents meets or orientation days. All Hell break loose when something like this happens. Sigh ! 
Mornings are no more about the blazing sun and neither do sunsets pull our eyes towards them. What is left in this automobile country is a mound of smokes and rammed bumpers. Such a humungous capitalisation of affluent engines have lead to a frenzy of speedy cars, CNG automobiles and last, but, not the least, loaded trucks. Each engine tries to prove it's efficiency over others and every driver(or rider) zipping down the roads in flurry of victory, bestowing traffic jams all over. 
In all this charade, the fat, White ambassadors vaunting red sirens, add fuel to the fire, indeed. A VVIP is blanketed by a convoy of police jeeps and leaves behind a convoy of belligerent horns and furious lights jamming the roads yet again.
Gosh! These damn red lights! 

© 2013 Kajal Gulabani

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I like the topic, and you've displayed it brilliantly. Well done

Posted 10 Years Ago

A very nice piece. I am lucky to live where traffic jams aren't yet a real problem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

They are quite tricky

Posted 10 Years Ago

Red itself is self explanatory..... Although sometimes these red lights come to our rescue but most of the time they are a pain in the a** .... But sometimes i feel that these Traffic lights more or less represent life..... Red then yellow and finally green.*sigh*
You indulged me there...... A very nice piece of writing and your perfect use of moderate vocabulary compliments it..... Well done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Kajal Gulabani
Kajal Gulabani

Ahmedabad, Shilaj, India