Smartphones - Key to smartlife??

Smartphones - Key to smartlife??

A Story by Kajal Gulabani

How shall we define it ? An era of high tech evolutions or cacophony of assorted beeps? From the moment we see the dawn, an alarming clock of these smartphones smile away to morning bliss, till we are done with the good night hugs, they are hand-in-hand with us. We can skip a meal, but damnnn not a msg !!! Here comes an invite on whatsapp for a bridal shower and there goes our finger 'tick tick' on the phone screen to check the calender. The apps like wattpad and widbook have taken away readers' attention from the book shelves and libraries. Thanks to these smartphones!! I would love to term them 'eco friendly' for their contribution in saving paper.
The other day I was going to a pal's place and as usual got confused with the way. Gone are the days when I had to stop at every mile, unroll the window pane and ask a stranger to guide me. It has all become easy peasy with Google maps and GPRS. Smart phones- Smart life !!
Technologies have all the reasons to take a bow BUT (an unavoidable one), Are we overdoing it ? Using it or misusing it?
Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, your smart phone is watching you *wink*.
High resolution screens and cameras have taken the lead. Clicking pics and updating in each public forum and social websites is a highly recognized fad. So much important that these 'selfies' have been chosen as the 'word of the year' acc to oxford dictionaries.
So what if our abroad trips cost us a fortune? We cant keep our smart phones aside and dive in holiday spree. Sorry ! We need them just like we need air and water to survive.
Be it any part of the world.. BIG DEAL !!!
Late night studying sessions are a PAIN during exams but late night games sessions are a STRESS BUSTER (stressful eyes and fingers are simply not considered).
Another breaking news out here... pls pay attention. The Indian education system will soon be revising its curriculum by introducing few latest discoveries. Like - The way Earth revolves around the sun, similarly, human brain revolves around the smartphone. Also, Indian poverty line will soon be calculated not in rupees but by the no. of smartphones each house (including servants) possesses. Not to forget , the divorce ratio will similarly include the number of cases due to smart phones apart from assault, dowry and girl child.
'Why was your last seen at midnight on whatsapp'? , asks the furious wife and husband's heart palpitates. 'Why is your bbm contacts list so long? Lemme have a look', says the bossy boyfriend and his girl shivers down. Its all happening, its all increasing. Alas!
This is just the beginning. Just few days back, bbm regained its hype by taking space in every smartphone screen. What a day it was !! Bb pins flooded facebook and whatsapp and celebrated its launch in utmost festivity. Sheesh ! It seems we are more possessive about our phones than our spouses. The day is not far when our kids will carry them along with their primary books and barbie compass boxes.
'Go Green' is a passe... 'Go Smart with a smartphone' is on the roll....

© 2013 Kajal Gulabani

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Added on November 26, 2013
Last Updated on November 26, 2013
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Kajal Gulabani
Kajal Gulabani

Ahmedabad, Shilaj, India