"Fill My Lungs"

"Fill My Lungs"

A Poem by Kameron Armitage

Uncertainty is Insanity.

You've always been my inspiration, 
through every pain,
every tear I shed.

You pushed me to go further,
don't give up.

Every sunset gone is another day without you,
every sunrise that come,
is simply another day to survive,
without you right by my side.

My crutches are gone,
my leg is still broken,
how am I to walk?

Your love was my oxygen,
and my lungs are begging,
for just one last breath.

The tender kisses encompassing perfection,
releasing purpose to every step on Earth's surface.

Like a ripple in the water.
Your touch is intoxicating,
sobering without it.

The dreams are my last hope each night,
as I drift off and we are together again.

Then my eyes are opened and it is back to reality,

The sunsets may be spent alone now,
but I still dream of a time that you will be there,
holding my hand,
leaning on my shoulder,
allowing my sorrowful lungs to breath,
breath your love once more.

Is this a dream I will cling to?
Or will dreams and reality cross paths,
creating eternal happiness, 
until my very last breath.

And I hope to take that last breath of love,
with you right by my side,
so I can utter one last,
"I love you."

© 2011 Kameron Armitage

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Added on February 14, 2011
Last Updated on February 14, 2011


Kameron Armitage
Kameron Armitage

Gilbert, AZ

I am 16 years old and I've been writing for about three months now and love every second of it. I am a guy and proud to write. I've ran into some problems, but everyone does. I hope you enjoy! more..