"Ravenous Rap"

"Ravenous Rap"

A Poem by Kameron Armitage

This is a rap I wrote from A-Z. Here's the instrumental that goes with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muT6vL82cvI&NR=1


Alternative Altercations Aggravate my Actions,

Allowing Any Animal to Affect my Animations.


Bestowing Benefits Before Belittling,

Baby Better Build Beds, Back to Bewildering.


Caress Caricatures Create Compassion,

Continue Clueless Countless Counteractions.


Don’t Devise Devine Default Destinations,

Direct, Disassemble, Deliver Determination.


Effect Endless Erosion Evading Effort,

Enrapture Enthralling Energy to Enter.


Fantasies Finish Final Flawless Fallacies,

Forever Forgotten Factories and Families.


Goals Grind Gratefully,

Goons Gawk Gracefully,

Genetics Generate Generic forms Gainfully.


Heartless Heartaches Had Humongous Hate,

Hearing inspirations, Holding Hell’s Haze.


Improper Intelligence Interferes Impossibly,

Indescribable Imbeciles Imply Issues Improbably.


Jesters and Jokers Joust Just to Jive with the Jigs,

Killing Karma and Kindling Kindhearted Kids.


Luminescent Lessons Learned in Life,

Lead Loose Love that Lower Leaders Like.


Mourning Minutes Made on My Mattress,

Many Mislead Makeshifts and Marks the Map Missed.


Nonsense Never Negates Negligence,

Newer Never-ending Non-worthy Narcoleptics.


Opening Offerings Of Ownership and Oaths,

Occupying Only One Occupation, trees made Of Oaks.


Penetrate Personalities, Perpetuate Possibilities,

People Play Promising Paradise in their Proximities.


Quick, Quarrelling, now Quit.

Quickly Quaff my Quotes Quivering for the Quiz.



Racists Rant and Rave Regardless of Renegades,

Repealing in Recession with Reasoning I must Remake.


Slithering Serpents Supply the Sensations,

Supporting Success in Supplying Sedations.


Titanium Triangles Trap Troubled Times,

Tugging Toughly Toward Towering Tontines.


Upward Universe, Unfortunately Unaware,

Uniformly Uninterested with Uni-tards and Underware.


Voluptuous Virility Verifies Volume,

Vastly Vending Various Verbs to be Vacuumed.


Winter’s Withering, Without Words of Warning,

Weed and Woman Were Watching, Waving, and Warming.


X-ray the X-axis and see if it’s X-linked,

Got my Xanax in Xenelasia  from a guy who’s an X-shrink.


Youth Yelling, measure the Yardage,

You may Yawn but can’t go that far with a Yardstick.


Zealous like Zelda, Zoned like a Zebra,

Zest while Zooming, fly away to Zambia.

© 2011 Kameron Armitage

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yo rhyme is so sick bro!!!how you been man?sure have missed you!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 25, 2011
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Kameron Armitage
Kameron Armitage

Gilbert, AZ

I am 16 years old and I've been writing for about three months now and love every second of it. I am a guy and proud to write. I've ran into some problems, but everyone does. I hope you enjoy! more..