"Memories Fire"

"Memories Fire"

A Poem by Kameron Armitage

I like this one.


Take every word I ever said,

Play em on a loop when my memory is dead,

But don't let death be the thing you dread,

Or tie you up with the lies made of thread.


The hope and the things that we used to cherish,

Are now just the things that help embarrass,

Each prisoner,

In my life in a barricks,

Just waiting for a God to come and prepare us.


Failure is becoming the propor vanacular,

And all these f***s just wanna be popular,

Gaze at dreams through these binoculars,

No one ever shoots to be spectacular.


We settle for only half our dream,

Thinking that that is what life means,

But in the end,

It wont mean a thing,

Because we are stuck as children,

At our parents knees.


Help us Almighty,

This battle I am fighting,

Is running out of lighting,

My sould bleeds like the things I'm writing.


Some Simple Simatic Souls Segregate




What is great and what is not,

Leaving the world twisted in a knot,

F**k this place,

And the battle we fought,

It was only happiness,

This family sought.


The people at the steeple,

Will greet and meet,

Death says yes,

Wants and taunts,

Walks but talks,

Creeps then weeps.

Then the soul it keeps.


Don't let the hatred,

Encompass your compassion,

And always hold your heart if you have one,

Never let your soul become a bad one,

Never stare down the barrel of that gun.


When time is erased,

And people feel misplaced,

And the human race,

Is out of place,

The new disgrace,

Is right in your face,


So face and take,

Your own mistake,

But do not fake,

Love's ocean's wake,


The riples hit the tide,

As we close our eyes,

Allow our anger inside,

To find happiness we hide,

And simply coincide.


Present this world with the one thing it hates,

And change will put you in groups with the great.


So when you tell your next tale,

Let them know it was you,

That was forced in the fire,

And somehow made it through.

© 2011 Kameron Armitage

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No one ever shoots to be spectacular. fave line, i love it so much. its so true.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 27, 2011
Last Updated on May 27, 2011


Kameron Armitage
Kameron Armitage

Gilbert, AZ

I am 16 years old and I've been writing for about three months now and love every second of it. I am a guy and proud to write. I've ran into some problems, but everyone does. I hope you enjoy! more..