"Hold On"

"Hold On"

A Poem by Kameron Armitage

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I'm so tired of all these people tellin me they can't make it,

Like they are stranded in the middle of a blizzard a*s naked.

Like they are down to their last breath, cold with no blanket,

Like they need what they could never have without lookin for replacements.


These rough and bloody splinters are stickin through my skin,

I pull one out but catch, another one again,

God damn, these things hurt but I push though this,

Because I know that these splinters are secretly blessins.


They prove to me, that I can still feel pain,

And that's livin to me cause there are still thoughts in my brain.

So what if these people label me as completely insane,

I know what I am and I won't play those games.


I roll the dice and as they bounce off the floor,

I pray for a four but it turns out to be somethin more.


It's that non-stop praying and hoping for a miracle,

Because we can't live this life with eyes lookin so fearful.


This life ain't a keyboard, you can't just press delete,

And get rid of what you dislike and act like you are free,

We live with these scars because they create who we are,

They exponentially grow but we've dealt with them so far.



Re-inventing this era,

Re-instilling this hope,

Re-configuring my mission so they can see what's in my soul.

Re-thinking these thoughts,

Replacing who I was,

Reiterating that you're not the only one that needs love.


So what's the point?

These prophets won't listen,

Cause they already know everything huh? Who are they kiddin?

They're nothin,

Nothin but imposters walkin in your shoes,

And they never f****n listen because that is what they choose.

So they lose,


At least lose my respect,

They turn their heads so far away from the future that they are breakin their own necks.

Not yet,

These people constantly fret,

But I'm done with it.

Because this life was a gift to them.


Take this all for granted,

And what do you have left?

An empty box taped up in a truck labeled UPS?

A broken ruler tryin to measure a mile?

A broken soul with a face still tryin to force a smile.

And stay a while.


Put down these problems you've been carryin on your shoulders,

Cause you need to take a deep breath and prepare, each winter is colder,

And I promise we learn so much as we continue to grow older,

You just gotta hold on, You just gotta hold on.

© 2011 Kameron Armitage

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Kameron Armitage

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Added on August 22, 2011
Last Updated on August 22, 2011


Kameron Armitage
Kameron Armitage

Gilbert, AZ

I am 16 years old and I've been writing for about three months now and love every second of it. I am a guy and proud to write. I've ran into some problems, but everyone does. I hope you enjoy! more..