"A Little Rain"

"A Little Rain"

A Poem by Kameron Armitage

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That little tin box,

Holds our secrets,


And us,

We trust too much and feel we don't need no locks,

Just sittin with our independent thoughts,


And trust me we got lots.


Don't need no reason,

No sunshine,

We feel fine,

We feel as though we can make it through the day,

It's this path that was paved.


Paved for you,

Paved for me,

Paved for anyone who's willin to walk it and breathe.

With clarity we see.



Take in that breath of fresh air,

And don't look so scared,

There's bound to be someone on this planet that will someday care.


So hold on,


Keep your wrists handcuffed,

Let the world know you just ain't had enough,

And this battle's what's,


Givin us a reason,

to continue this bleedin through every season new information we're greetin and we're blessed like we're sneezin.


So grab the tissue that they keep tryin to hand you,

And know that these critics may never understand you.


But that's all right,



Good cause I was startin to get so sick that I thought I would throw up.


Not this time,

Like it's mind over matter,

Not matter over mind,


Looks like we're gonna be just fine.





Every person starts to look like another unmarked territory,

Another person that sits with an untold story.




God's workin for UPS and he's sendin you an express package of hope,

So have a little faith,

And know that we all gotta be saved someday.


We all deserve a little rain on our shoulders,

The purest form of water like peace fallin in small boulders.

And it just won't matter if the moisture makes us colder,

Just that fact that we feel it keeps that faith alive we're holdin.


When we were still in our Tonka truck Power Ranger days,

We put our tounges out to catch those glitening rays,

The sun kept shinin and our smiles kept progressin,

Now we collect problems but our laughs used to be our collection.


Make your selection.


Choose between the times we could potentially achieve,

Choose between a mind trapped or successfully free,

Choose between roads mapped or indefinitely unseen,

Choose between a life dead or completely full to me.

© 2011 Kameron Armitage

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Beautifully written. Wonderful job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 22, 2011
Last Updated on August 22, 2011


Kameron Armitage
Kameron Armitage

Gilbert, AZ

I am 16 years old and I've been writing for about three months now and love every second of it. I am a guy and proud to write. I've ran into some problems, but everyone does. I hope you enjoy! more..


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