A Poem by Karan Ashara

What God dreams about this world and his expectations from the human race.

Dear son,
Love knows no bounds. It was not created by me but by the conception of you and your fellow beings; and hypocrisy is the by-product of that love for which you can find no dump.
Up and down goes the lively world,
And chunks of life that needs no words,
I dream of a peaceful and lovely globe,
With humane-humane traits in each.
I dream about the lashing shores,
Where soul mates walk with hand in hand,
Devoid of the left-overs of love,
And peaceful ending of all chapters.
Good deeds, sweet fruits, sweet love,
Blessed friendship, no opposites of peace,
Could well be the symphony of my vision,
My dreams, my plans, my expectations.
One day when on Venus' heart,
Was talking to the alluring beauty,
She pointed at a peace of wrath,
On the green surface of your world:
Sweat, blood, toil, destruction,
Exploitation everywhere, with the world twice at rage,
And once quiet over seas and land,
Expecting the third.
I pondered, I thought, yet I didn't decide;
I had dreamt of a better world.
I dream of all the happy faces,
Smiling with glee and joyful thoughts,
With existence of negation being a far off thought,
And salient preaching of ethics and morals;
My preachings, my values, my dream,
That I had seen millenniums befor,
And yet the dream is still a dream
With no progression in deeds of man.
One day on visiting the gates of heaven,
I found no entry of a pure heart man,
But red pages were filled with names,
With gory deeds who once glorified themselves.
My courtyard seems so empty and disheartened,
My dove hates to fly anymore,
My angels hate to go to earth,
They say that its a futile journey
To step on the mortal land, explain men,
To lead them to a path of the glorifying light.
I dream of a world so bright,
I dream of a selfless person,
I dream of a hopeful tomorrow,
For you, for all of you,
Yet sleeping, dreaming helplessly.
And so I end my letter here. I oblige for anything said amiss. After all the world is all yours.
Thanking you
Yours lovingly
Your loving father.   

© 2014 Karan Ashara

Author's Note

Karan Ashara
The poem has been written in the form of a letter where I am imagining that this letter has been sent to me by God.

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This is a terrific write, I really like the form in which you chose as well.
I thank you for sharing and may God bless you!!
If you're interested, I posted a piece called burnt soul, you may
enjoy, thanks again, b-blessed!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very beautiful, a most tender expression of an emotional reaction

Posted 8 Years Ago

Every line of this verse whispers good words in the reader's ear

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 7, 2014
Last Updated on August 7, 2014


Karan Ashara
Karan Ashara


I am KARAN-Karan Ashara. My first name means pure. That's a kind of a nasty joke i know. I am a very very sentimental kind of a person. Yet, in most of the cases it is advantageous for me specially on.. more..


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