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Wish i would've brought my iPod with me to school, since I'm going to be stuck in this hell hole for another two hours waiting for Dani. Mehh. Nya.

Well so many things have happened in the past month that I don't know what I've done with my life-- I hardly know who I am anymore (I know I say that a lot...only because it's true) ._. Well my life isn't the greatest it has been, but I'm alive and well so I shall continue smiling and living in the moment that well soon only be known as mere memories.

Can't believe I've been with a guy I love as a friend for almost a month now. Is a chance so wrong? What are these feelings really? Why am I so stupid? Why don't I have the guts to say how I truly feel? Why do you people love me? How do guys even think they "like-like" me? What is there to like about me, for someone to want to be with me? I don't get it.. I most likely never will -____-

Harr, I'm going to get out of here now and read manga or something. Later my beautiful, amazing people. <3

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Added on October 30, 2012
Last Updated on October 30, 2012



Neverland, CA

My name is Karen. Call me Karebear though. Get to know me; it's boring and I'll become uninteresting if I tell you all about me. Good day to you all (or night if you're nocturnal). ^__^ more..