The Supposed and Long Awaited End of the World

The Supposed and Long Awaited End of the World

A Story by karebearrloveshugs

Meow. Again just my boring life. I just want to get my thoughts and emotions out there. I hate bottling them up and no one really has the time hear me out. So here I am.

Life itself is pretty good.
I've been dating my best friend for almost 3 months now.
I finally sorted out my feelings, and I came to the conclusion that I'm in love with Dani. I really am. It's weird, but it's true. I love him.
Before, I knew I liked him. Now, I'm sure I love him.
He became my hope, my dreams, my everything.
I can't wait until the day that I marry him and have 37 kids and a unicorn farm! Haha.
But I really do want to marry him and live happily and have at least two kids but no more than four.
He's perfect... for me that is.
At times I do hate that I love him.
I wish he would continue to do all the things he did just to convince me that we should be together.
Although I guess it's fine as long as I'm his one and only.
I just want to be reminded of things is all.
I'm an emotional wreck and I get jealous way too easily.
I'm selfish and want him all to myself.


Ahh tomorrow is the final ep of SAO.
Imma spend all day watching previous episodes since i probably wont have anything else better to do. lawl
dont get me wrong, i love anime and im an otaku.
but it does get tiring after a few hours. its hard being an otaku. hahaha
SOrry i got really tired of correcting er using proper grammar and whathaveyou. luls
wahhhh i has a headache..
Dani~~ how long are you going to make me wait...meow....
nanight i guess...
icant writrs to save my life any longer >.<

© 2012 karebearrloveshugs

Author's Note

just ignore anything that is obviously wrong. I'm more than aware of my mistakes, i;m just too lazy to edit it

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Added on December 21, 2012
Last Updated on December 21, 2012
Tags: meow, life, love, smiles, sadness, hate



Neverland, CA

My name is Karen. Call me Karebear though. Get to know me; it's boring and I'll become uninteresting if I tell you all about me. Good day to you all (or night if you're nocturnal). ^__^ more..