Space, Time and Love

Space, Time and Love

A Poem by Kori Fitch

Inspired by Eros and Psyche myth- essentially we have two qualities within us- male and female- when these evolve - love evolves- at least I think the Greeks believed this..and so do I.


Space, Time and Love 

The imperfect architect of love

whose passion filled flame vibrates

higher and higher

Knocks only

He has found my realm

yet does not enter

I hear him on the other side

His deep concentrated breath

Ignites a wave of wonder

I peek through the keyhole but I am

Burnt by the image of beauty

The ash smells sweet

Wounds  will rage for attention

when he walks through

He brings images and fantasies

How will we sift through the debris

Of wicked storms?

limitation being

The only taste on our lips

Space, Time and Love is a

Circus of despair that everyone

Breathes too heavily

The blind clowns wrestle with dragons

The sisters of fate tie wicked knots

A cult of alchemist possess all players

The Buddha sits, Maya twirls

And The Mother Spins within emptiness

has love always been on fire?

The flame now blue


embers burn in the i


The lone warrior seeks his

Erotic mate- himself- herself…

A mirror, a torch, a door is the only savior

He-she knows she-he might be lost on the horizon

The soul on the edge of chaotic abyss

She seeks her he, and he hides his her away from the light of day

Will it always be a foursome?

Two live in the sun

Two Traversing the underworld

Time, space and love

An inferno of darkness reigns

Yet light is the secret poison

on Eros’ arrow plunging deep into

a willing rapturous heart

and the wounded bleeds bliss.

© 2012 Kori Fitch

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Poignant! An amazing rollercoaster of images. Liked it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

You are a amazing writer. Took me to many places with your strong description.
"The Buddha sits, Maya twirls
And The Mother Spins within emptiness
has love always been on fire?"
Myth allow us to wander in words and in thoughts. A strong ending to a outstanding poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

very nicely written, nice images and words picking..i have really enjoyed reading it

Posted 9 Years Ago

Having been in WC for a year now, so much of this speaks to me. I have cycled through the dynamics of the comings and goings of muses. I feel wrong out and filled all at the same time. I love the long list of images and the emotions and relationships they represent. Love this work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I would like to point out that..... this is good poetry. Thanks for posting this for everybody to read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

If given the list of composers whom I would ask, "look at this work, WRITE music to it" I would say this was very Hans Zimmer, every direct phrase and word applies the same effect if not more so, to the flow and teeth.

Enjoyed this, thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Kori Fitch
Kori Fitch

Page, AZ

I am a late bloomer as far as writing goes, but it seems as if I was pregnant for a long time with ideas, passion and need for expression. Technically I am a English teacher, but don't worry I only c.. more..


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