The Summons

The Summons

A Poem by Kori Fitch

Dragons again. My feeling of dragons is more Eastern...benevolent creatures that hold ancient wisdom and magic. They are not evil or wicked in my eyes...they are mysterious and powerful.


A dragon soars out on the horizon

waiting for magic to return


The chill assaults the senses

as the season's indifferent movement shift.


I feel the dark empty space of the cosmos

speak softly

like it has been waiting eternity

for me to listen. 


(Yes I have heard you summons me...)


Some ancient secret has escaped

Some initiation is about to begin


Bone-shattering chills awaken me

in the dead of night

I am hunted by light

it torments my dreamtime.


(Yes I have heard you summons me...)


The water in me

holds a mysterious memory

An inferno of love rages and thus

I only know ashes


The Earth requests me to enter

for the last time

The Air travels deep inside

in search of a lost desire


(Yes I hear your summons...)


My body vibrates with expectation

I am a shifting mirror

An initiate following a hidden torch

to a forgotten door


(Yes I will come...)


When the solar-love returns

and releases her wicked wind

I will rise

to meet the phoenix

                     the shift,

                       the wave of being ascending.


And the Dragon yearns for its companions

the magicians to return


 the quest has begun

mysterious magic lives

beyond a hidden horizon within. 

© 2012 Kori Fitch

Author's Note

Kori Fitch
Please let me know if my images repeat too much in my poems...thanks!!

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Added on May 28, 2012
Last Updated on May 28, 2012
Tags: dragon, summons, initiate, Earth, ancient, shift, mirror, torch, door, magic, horizon


Kori Fitch
Kori Fitch

Page, AZ

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