A Chapter by karmic

  Aven slowly kissed Lora’s shoulder; she flinched a little but then giggled. Lora’s toes curled under the covers from the sensation.

“Your fangs tickle” Lora turned over and looked into Aven’s dark brown eyes. Aven’s skin felt cold but smooth. Lore stared into his eyes for awhile until a small smile was formed between the both of them.

“You know it’s been long enough, I can take this thing off of you now” Lora kissed him on the neck, while tugging on his necklace. The necklace was made out of marble beads and inside of them were stone black dabs of wolf blood, at the end of it a black cross that laid on his chest.

“Don’t” he said quickly grabbing her hand.  “I still can’t be trusted” he continued.

“It’s been six years.”

“Yea I know, but-“

“I don’t think your child would want to see their father wearing a collar” she blurted out. She grabbed Aven’s hand and pulled it down to her stomach.

“A child?” Aven whispered. By his tone Lora knew that he was excited; she nodded her head slowly.

“But how? How am’ I even able to have children?” Aven held her closer. Lora paused for awhile.

“Please don’t be mad” Lora spoke softly into Aven’s ears. Aven pushed her away so he could a good look at her. Lora’s glass earrings contained a vivid liquid that shined a pale purple than changed into a pure white shade, the colors then mixed together like two intertwining souls creating a sea blue dye. The two had found the earrings while exploring a village filled with spiritual gypsies that told them the earrings were filled with both the souls of man and beast.

“It’s gone.” Aven murmured looking closely into her eyes; he rolled out of bed and reached for his pants. He put them on furiously.

“Where are you going?” Lora barked.

“To fix what ever you have done to yourself!” he roared.

“Fix? What do you mean fix!” she said, while standing to her feet and wrapping herself in the blanket she had been laying under. The blanket was made out of the furs of a brown bear who had stumbled into their house one cold night.

“Your soul, it’s gone. And now you’re just like me,” he said.

“And is that so horrific? Can you not love another soulless being?”

“I didn’t wish this-“

“But I did! So I sold my soul to the elder mage council” she whimpered.

“And what of your power?” he said.

“That will soon waste away with my soul, seeing as the type of magic I use desires spirit energy I won’t be able to do any spells.”

“So now I have to watch both you and my child die from old age? I can’t accept that” Aven began walking towards the door; he stretched his arm towards the door knob.

“Stop!” Lore yelled. Aven’s beads rumbled then let out a small flash of light; he stopped in his tracks. His limbs felt stiff as the beads tighten its grip around his neck.

“You know I hate doing this to you” Lora sighed as she began walking in his direction, the wooden floor boards creaking under her feet.

“Please could you just hear me out before you rush off?” she asked, tenderly placing her hand on his. The candle light swayed back and forth through out the small room.

“Release” Lora said, hoping she had persuaded him to stay. The beads loosened their grip on Aven neck, his muscles twitched from freedom. They stood silently for awhile before anyone had said a word.

“And what of the child? How do I explain what I’ am, what he is?” Aven finally said.

Lora grinned with relief, “it will all come in time. But for now all I ask is that you love it like you love me. Love it like I love you.” Lora grabbed his hand and lured him back towards the bed. Aven stared at the girl he had been with for six years; he thought about the first day they met. At that time she was only sixteen, but was already a skilled mage, while he was a ruthless vampire who had over seventy years on her but still his façade made him look like he was in his late twenties.

The sound of their front door crashing down interrupted Aven’s thoughts. Both Lora and Aven watched as the intruder entered their room. The intruder was a male; he wore steel armor all over his body. The man’s blonde hair drifted down to his back, while his silver eyes searched the room. Lora stood up and ran behind Aven with the blanket still wrapped around her bare skin.

“Who are you” she yelled.

“He’s a vampire and from seeing the sign on the right shoulder of his armor. He is an assassin from the Senior Firm” Aven explained.

“Hm seems like you did you homework boy. My name is Vermil and I’ am here because of the ordered execution of Lora Deem” The intruder announced.

“Why am ‘I targeted?” Lora asked, while moving further back behind Aven.

“It’s because of that abomination you have inside of you” Vermil pointed to Lora’s stomach with the tip of his blade.

“How could they already know?” Lora asked.

“Information must have leaked out from the council of mages.” Aven replied. Vermil fell into a fighting stance.

“Get back” he shouted, while kicking the bed over. The bed flew over to Vermil, but he cut it half with one swipe of his sword. Lora ran into the other room and got dressed; she then began searching for her wand. Lora found her wand under the dresser and with it three orbs; she then grabbed Aven’s sword from on top of the fire place. Lora rushed back into the bedroom; she found Aven try his best to avoid Vermil’s attacks. Aven already had a huge wound going across his chest. Lora threw Aven his sword. Aven caught it, then quickly blocked the next attack from Vermil. Vermil kicked Aven in the stomach; he flew through the wall and landed in the next room. Debris floating throughout the air. Vermil stood over him victoriously; he rose his blade up and went for the final blow, but the wooden floor boards flew up and wrapped around him. Vermil turned to see Lora pointing her wand at him with one hand and gripping the three orbs securely with the other. She then proceeded by manipulating the fire from the candles throughout the house to create a huge inferno around the assassin.

“Ha, that’s pretty cute, but the Senior Firm gave me a small portion of their power” Vermil broke out of the floor boards and the fire instantly vanished.

“I guess the rumors are true, you are getting weak without your soul witch! You now have to use energy orbs just to come up with a spell like that.” Vermil ridiculed. The three orbs immediately turned into dust in Lora’s hand, leaving only ash and a burn mark on her hand. She threw her wand on the floor then clutched onto both her earrings and squeezed until they cracked. The juices squirted out and rested in the air as it began to shape itself into a large creature. The liquid materialized itself into a centaur, a half man half horse. Lora focused the rest of her energy on her wand, transforming it into a double bit axe. The centaur picked up the axe and let out an audacious war cry.

“Very resourceful” Vermil admitted. Aven tried to attack Vermil from behind, but found himself in a deadlock with the silvered eyed assassin.

“To think all the stories I heard about the mighty Aven climbing his way out of hell and raiding dozens of villages is only some pet to a watered down witch.” Vermil said. Aven’s fangs enlarged while his eyes turned a pallid color; he then jabbed armored intruder in the nose forcing Vermil to stumble back. Aven charged in for the kill; he slashed his sword downward in an attempt to decapitate him. Vermil caught the blade with his hand, the blade cut through his iron gloves.

“Using the scary face I see. Well I got one of those too” Vermil smirked. The assassin eyes turned a light yellowish color as his fangs grew. The assassin threw Aven into the wall then punched him through it. The centaur swung his double axe horizontally, trying to cut Vermil in half. The vampire ducked under the heavy blow. The wind whipped behind him viciously but Vermil only smiled. He dashed in with his sword leading. The centaur reared, surprising Vermil with a quickness that belied its size. The centaur kicked its front hooves out, hitting Vermil in the chest, and sent him stumbling back. If Vermil was hurt at all by the kick, his smile spoke otherwise. The centaur swung his double axe straight down. The assassin dodged to left and thrust his sword deep into the centaur’s horse like hide, slipping through its ribs. The centaur’s axe sent splinters of wood flying into the air when it collided into the ground. The centaur, roaring in anger sent his axe into a flurry of swipes, causing devastation inside the house. Chairs and tables became firewood as the axe cut through them easily. Vermil taunted the beast the whole time, further enraging the beast. If it was angrier from the taunts or the fact that he couldn’t touch him, Vermil knew not, but the satisfaction of teasing it was sweet none the less. The wild beast sent his axe at Vermil in a series of short thrusts, making Vermil dodge back until his back hit the wall. The beast lifted his axe high over his head. Vermil used the wall to vault himself forward. Vermil’s sword bit deeply through flesh and bone, taking the centaur’s arm. A shower of blood and thump of the arm bouncing off the ground accompanied the centaur’s howls of pain. The centaur turned to face its adversary. It moved its hand up the shaft of its axe so that it could still handle the large weapon.

“I’m sorry, did you drop this?”  Vermil asked. He bent over, picked up the centaur’s bloody arm, and presented it to him. The fingers of the decapitated arm twitched.

The centaur looked at its arm with a weird sort of detachment. Boiling with rage the centaur threw his axe. The assassin dove to side, dodging the axe just in time. Before he finished his roll the centaur was upon him. His powerful right hand, his only remaining one, grabbed the assassin’s hair. With all his might the centaur yanked the assassin up and threw him into the wall, causing him to drop his sword. Vermil lifted both his arms across his face. The centaur rained blow after blow onto Vermil’s arms. Each blow connected, knocking Vermil deeper into the cabin’s wall. Cracks ran along the wall towards the roof and spread out resembling a spider’s web. Pieces of the roof fell to the floor. Tiring the centaur’s blows slowed. His breaths came in great heaves.

“Please don’t tell me you are tired already. I heard centaur’s had great stamina” Vermil chuckled. The centaur reared his fist back, throwing all his weight into the next punch. Vermil deflected the punch, grabbed his wrist with his left, and twisted the arm until the centaur’s palm looked up to the roof. Vermil smiled as he drove his right elbow into the centaur’s and continued until a loud snap resounded throughout the house. The centaur reared back, holding its bleeding stump to its now broken arm. The bone stuck through the arm, orange from the candle light in the room. Centaur’s face twisted in agony, blood poured from both arms. Slowly the horse legs crumpled in what would be kneeling if the centaur had human legs.

The assassin walked forward and knelt in front of the centaur, “well if that’s all the fight you have in you” Vermil whispered. The centaur’s head whipped forward connecting to the assassin’s.  The centaur held its forehead connected to the vampires and sneered. The assassin laughed as blood flowed down his forehead. Vermil stood wiping the blood off his face and licked his fingers.

“Your blood isn’t bad my friend and it seems you still have some fight in you” Vermil smiled. Blood continued to dribble down the centaur’s face. Coolly, the assassin walked by the centaur and mounted its horse like body. The centaur whipped its human half around only to catch Vermil’s metal encased hand to his chin. Blood poured freely from his mouth. The room swayed in the centaur’s eyes, and the assassin observed his work. Floor boards laid in splinters, tables and chairs only usable as firewood, walls with newly acquired windows.  The assassin smiled at the destruction. The human torso turned again only to receive another thunderous punch, taking a few teeth from its mouth.

“Ok, let’s end this friend.” The assassin whispered. He wrapped his arms around the centaur’s head. The centaur fought weakly, trying its best to wrestle free from the grip. The assassin tightened his grip. Veins appeared on beast’s forehead. His eyes bulged, threatening to escape from his skull. Aven emerged from the whole in the wall.

“Ah welcome back.” The assassin greeted. “I’ll be with you in just a �"“a snap interrupted the assassin in his sentence. The centaur’s remaining but broken arm dropped to lie at his side. The centaur then returned to its liquid form, fleeing into the cracks in the wooden floor. “Never mind, back to where we started.” Vermil chuckled.

 Aven ran towards Vermil with sword at hand. Vermil leaned back from the first swing, then blocked the second with his own blade. Aven spun and swung his sword with all his strength. Vermil sucked in his stomach while jumping back to avoid the blow but his armor was cut open. Aven finished the spin with a kick, the kick connected but the assassin barley moved.

“Run Lora. Get the guards.” Aven yelled. She nodded her head in agreement as she sprinted to the door. Lora ran outside the house; she nearly fell to her knees from what she had seen. Two of her fellow mages were hanging from a tree by their necks, both were the guards sent to protect her. A small army of demons waited outside; they growled furiously. Aven jumped on Vermil’s back and tried to choke him out. Vermil ran backwards and slammed him against the wall and stabbed him in the stomach. The sword pierced through the wall as it did Aven’s stomach. Lora looked back at Aven; she was crying, but smiling at the same time. The sky let out an eerie screech, as if heaven itself was ripping open. Lora’s lips moved, but Aven couldn’t hear her. He knew what she had said though; she had said “goodbye.” Aven reached out for her.  An eye appeared in the sky and shined on Lora.

“Lora!” Aven coughed up blood. Lora then felt a large amount of pressure on her body; she fell to the ground and was not able to get up.

“Goodbye” she whispered once more. Lora caught on fire and let out a horrid scream. The beads on Aven’s neck broke apart and scattered along the broken floor boards.


  Aven violently awoke from his nightmare; he quickly grabbed the bottle of vodka on his dresser.

“Drinking your pain away again I see” Pindel sighed. Aven pulled the bottle away from his lips; he coughed from drinking too fast.

Aven cleared his throat before speaking, “How did you get in here?”

“I told you I’m not going to leave until you fulfill your destiny” Pindel grabbed a chair and sat in it.

“I told you I wasn’t interested” Aven laid back down on his bed and turned away from Pindel.

“Let yourself out” he added.

“You can’t just turn you back on everything. Aven it’s been nineteen years since she died. You have to get over it. You might not change over age, but the world does and it needs you” Pindel barked. Aven stood quiet for a while.

“Are you done? If so then leave” Aven groaned. Pindel sighed and slapped himself on the head; he noticed Aven was still wearing the necklace that kept him under control. The necklace was missing a few beads and the blood inside of them had dissolved. Pindel looked around the room. It was dark and dusty; the candle next to the bed where Aven laid was burned to its core and had been that way for awhile. Curtains made of cheap thin fabric covered the window extinguishing all light that tried to pass through. The place was once an inn for weary travelers, now a den for the undead.  

“I don’t want to be the one to tell you this, I really don’t. But if you don’t get up I’ll be forced to” Pindel looked up at the ceiling fan.

“Tell me what?” Aven mumbled.

“It’s the Senior Firm. They may be trying to bring you children back to life” Pindel explained.

“Lora was only pregnant with one child” he barked.

“No, she was to have twins” Pindel replied. Aven jumped up and grabbed Pindel by his collar.

“And now you decide to tell me this?” He picked Pindel up and slammed him against the wall.

“Where are they?” Aven barked.

“Now hold on cowboy. You can’t just take on the Senior Firm by yourself. Remember they own seven kingdoms around this region. You’re going to need help” Pindel scratched his head.

“Help from whom?”

“Get dressed and I’ll show you. We need to take a trip to the town of Vaspmol” he replied.


  Aven and Pindel stepped out of a carriage owned by Pindel. They both stood in front of what looked to be an old pub. Aven looked at Pindel who had a huge grin on his face. Pindel seemed untrustworthy even when he was not smiling.

“Who is going to help us from in here?” Aven asked.

“I can touch any woman if I feel like it” A rude and drunken voice came from inside the pub.

“No, no, no, no. Not him” Aven began walking away when a drunken man was then thrown out of the pub by three guys. The man had short black hair, he was skinny with a necklace made from snake skin around his neck.

“Do you know who you’re messing with? My name is-“

“Price” Pindel interrupted.

“Um thanks kid, but I only need women knowing my name like that” he grinned as his fangs came out. Price punched one of the guys; his hit completely knocked the guy out.

“Woo, I feel great today” he jumped around happily. Another guy came and tackled him. Price kneed him in the head and elbowed him in the back. The last guy swung, but missed. Price grabbed his arm and snapped it.

“That’ll show you pricks whose boss” Price laughed as he tilted the man’s head to expose his neck. He went in to bite the man and drain him of his life. Price bit deep leaving a loud crunch. A woman wearing a slender white dress came running out of the pub; she stopped in her tracks when seeing her two brothers lying on the muddy ground unconscious. Her eyes were slowly drawn to her last brother who was being fed on by Price.

“David!” she gasped, as she ran back into the pub. Price dropped the slightly bald man, blood still escaping his neck.

“Better run b***h.” Price said while wiping the blood off his lips. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it; he stood with a grin on his face from the pleasure of his kill.

“You should be thanking me. For brothers they were way too attached. I saved you from a life of inbreed children.” Smoke from the cigarette fled his mouth and lifted into the air, joining the stench of inexpensive wine and the filth the citizens called home.

“Dumb bimbo,” Price sighed.

“Price I need you” Pindel said.

“I thought I told you already. Only women” Price began walking away, throwing his cigarette onto the muddy path.

“Price” Aven sighed.

“What!” Price paused. He then began to chuckle; he directed his eyes to Aven.

“Look who it is. The man who left me in hell and made me climb back up, this must be my lucky day” Price ran and punched Aven in the face.

“Price there’s no need for this” Pindel got in his way.

“Leave him. If he wants it then he got it” Aven rubbed his chin, while standing to his feet.

“Damn right I want this. You left me to be some slug demon’s b***h,” Price barked, as he swung again, but this time Aven ducked and kneed him in the stomach. Price recovered by elbowing Aven in the face. Aven tumbled backwards. Price sent two jabs at him, both connecting; he then spun and kicked him into the horse that led the carriage they exited from. The horse jumped up in fear and almost trampled Aven. Aven quickly moved out of the way; he returned to his feet and rammed Price; he picked him up and slammed him into a barrel. Aven then put Price into a sleeper hold.

“Hah, what children” Pindel sighed.

“I see you spend most of your days drinking” Aven laughed.

“I can say the same for you. Your breath reeks vodka” Price gasped, feeling his throat being crushed. Aven let Price go and stood up.

“I need your help. There is something happening in the Senior Firm and I need to stop it” Aven explained.

“I don’t know. The last time I helped you with something I ended up getting my insides ripped out by a giant slug for five years. While you ran off with that girl” Price got to his feet.

“It was only a couple of months.” Aven argued.

“Well down there time is different. Everything feels slower even though time goes by faster. Being stuck in that place with a slug demon that has a thing for you is not paradise.” Price said.

“So did you and it-“

“No of course not!” Price stuttered

“Well if you two are done with your reunion, can we get going?” Pindel joined.

“Who the f**k is he?” Price asked, but before any response was given a large crash came from inside of the pub. The sound of the people rallying together carried into their ears.

“Kill the vampire!” Chanted the crowd.

“I’m in,” Price said quickly.

“What’s with the sudden change of heart?” Aven grinned.

 “I’ve been wanting to leave this town anyway. It’s starting to smell like…Well you.” Price took a deep breath. The villagers rushed out of the pub, swords and torches in hand. “Well time to go” Price said. The three men ran towards the parked carriage and jumped inside. Pindel jumped on top of the dash rail of the carriage, he lashed the horses hard giving them the signal to proceed. The horses hurried off with a hand full of villagers behind it. Aven shook his head at Price who seemed to be having a good time.

“What?” Price said with a shrug. An arrow that was set aflame shot into the carriage and landed in front of the two. They hastened to put it out, but that one arrow was soon joined by others. The hood of the carriage rapidly caught ablaze, but the carriage continued on.


  The carriage finally came to a halt when far enough from Vaspmol, the roof was completely burned. “We’ll need to walk from here. We won’t be able to go through the forest any other way.” Pindel leaped from the top of the carriage.

“We got Price so were the hell are we going now?” Aven said, irritated.

“Be patient. We need to get to Friiden to get an audience with king Claud. We must get ready for war” Pindel explained, while relieving the carriage of bags and other supplies.

“I’m not hear for your war. I want my children.” Aven barked.

“And we will get them.” Pindel replied.

“Children?” Price asked; he looked around. “Don’t tell me the little witch found a way to give you children.” He let out a long laugh. “That’s something to picture. Speaking of which, where is the little brat? I haven’t seen her in years. She must be close, I mean you’re still wearing that damn collar,” Price questioned. Both Aven and Pindel stood silent, but by that time Price knew why.

“Oh, well that bites the big one. I’m so-“

“Save your apologies” Aven strapped on a bag onto his back and began walking ahead. The sound of weapons and food supply jingled from all of them.

“We have to head through that forest” Pindel pointed.

“Are you shitting me. That forest is full of werewolves,” Price spat.

“Werewolves? Isn’t that the forest inhabited by ogres? ” Aven asked.

“A lot has changed since you isolated yourself” Pindel replied.

© 2011 karmic

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Great job big brother i love it

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is awesome deep but soft very well great

Posted 11 Years Ago

LOL every good adventure starts with a drunk fight. good job lil brother i really like it

Posted 11 Years Ago

You know... I was going to say something bad about this, but it was very ineresting.... it made me read to the end and now i want to read more heh =]]
So i think you should write more ::Command::

-C.Lee (LeDiisco) =]]

Posted 11 Years Ago

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